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Example sentences for freezing point

The temperatures in a refrigerator and a freezer are geared to the freezing point of water.
With a higher freezing point, the tap water had an edge that outweighed the distilled water's lower temperature.
These liquid water droplets can be sustained as liquid below the freezing point.
In order for the water vapor to crystallize, the atmospheric temperature has to be at or below freezing point.
The bonding is even more intense and the freezing point even lower.
It has a lower freezing point and can be exposed to higher temperatures onboard a plane without degrading.
The next question, of course, is why does water grow less dense as it approaches the freezing point.
In the city, expect temperatures to hover right around the freezing point.
And while the presence of salt lowers the freezing point of ocean water, it can and does freeze.
Well below the freezing point of water, it's thought.
The ice phase volume of each ice cream were calculated based on the freezing point of the mix.
Salt lowers freezing point, less salt raises that freezing point.
The boiling point becomes equal to the freezing point.
The temperature dropped to below the freezing point.
Snow machines work by spraying water into air whose temperature is below freezing point.
We also know that salt will lower the freezing point of water.
These oils are relatively inexpensive and have a low freezing point.
As liquid water loses energy, it's temperature drops steadily until it gets to the freezing point.
Rock salt is used to lower the freezing point of ice.
It talks about when salt is added to water why the freezing point goes down and the boiling point goes up.
When considered as the temperature of the reverse change from liquid to solid, it is referred to as the freezing point.
Too much salt and the freezing point goes up, too little and the freezing point also goes up.
Freezing point has the same meaning as melting point but an opposite process.
And, it is also about five times the energy needed for heating water from the freezing point to the boiling point.
When water or ground temperatures dip near the freezing point, it creates tremendous stress inside and outside the pipe.
The critical temperature, freezing point and normal boiling point have been experimentally determined.
The water molecules are already lacking in energy and approaching the freezing point.
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