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Says it's freezing cold, but it cleared up his allergies.
In cold-winter areas, grow in containers or mulch to protect from freezing and thawing.
As a result of global warming, hot areas are being getting more hotter and cold areas are being getting more freezing.
And remember: the idea of freezing is to prolong the life of food that you're going to eat, not to postpone discarding it.
Many are freezing salaries and stopping or slowing new hires.
Wood frogs can weather winter's ups and downs by literally freezing and thawing in step with fluctuating temperatures.
Before descending into a long winter's nap, a mammal's body temperature falls to near freezing.
Freezing blackberries isn't difficult, but there are a few techniques involved.
The reports say that the units are simply freezing and won't respond to anything.
Overnight temperatures in the area are below freezing.
Freezing was official when sensors picked up an electrical signal created by ice formation.
In the winter it lives in the garage, where it gets plenty of light and where the temperature is never below freezing.
Speed is crucial for freezing foods without damaging their texture.
Those in colder climates frequently have to risk freezing themselves to warm up their cars.
There are other forms of freezing out, bullying, and creating factions.
But scientists have long known that the freezing process creates ice crystals, which destroy cells and cellular structures.
Don't see how anyone can look at that x-ray and claim to see water freezing.
Large succulents do best in frost-free areas but may tolerate a few degrees below freezing.
The temperatures dipped below freezing and the frigid winds were gusting.
The late growth will be too immature to withstand freezing temperatures.
It wasn't below zero but it was well below freezing.
They show a surface broken into polygonal slabs by repeated freezing and thawing of the sort that happens above permafrost.
The airplane-induced freezing works by the forced-cooling process.
Prolonged exposure to freezing weather is more damaging than a brief plunge in temperature.
The chancellor appears tacitly to have acknowledged this by freezing duties on hand-rolling tobacco in this year's budget.
It's rough terrain, and temperatures are already well below freezing.
These liquid water droplets can be sustained as liquid below the freezing point.
One had snow the whole time, the other freezing rain.
Actually, the winters are so mild here that lows seldom fall below freezing.
What was once a frozen conflict is in danger of freezing over again.
Some of them live in scalding hot temperatures and others live in freezing below zero temperatures.
As you might imagine, with the vagaries of the freezing process, no two instruments are quite the same.
Because if you have salt water you can actually go down degrees further without the water freezing it.
When you have an abundance of fresh avocados, consider freezing them.
Both say they figure that cooking or freezing will eliminate any toxins.
Freezing the embryo in liquid nitrogen for storage or shipment completes the process.
My office is freezing right now, so a toasty beverage is particularly appealing.
They moved rocks, dug in mud, and waded in freezing streams.
Along the way he has been freezing some of the bacteria.
Though snowflakes flutter past, freezing rain and ice build up on the cables, which naturally vibrate.
They can even tolerate snow and temperatures under freezing.
The report mentions that election staff had trouble with the server crashing and freezing on election night.
At its top, the temperature has risen back nearly to freezing.
Which is why the big problem with space suits is overheating, not freezing.
Instant hand warmers kept things from freezing up and made sure the batteries stayed warm enough to work.
Pockets of tundra blend into birch and spruce, dwarfed by blasts of freezing air.
Sea water provides a relatively constant thermal environment: water which never drops below freezing.
The video player is weak and prone to freezing the picture if you adjust the volume mid-video.
It's a pretty common practice to light a bonfire beneath the fuel tank to keep it from freezing.
When freezing up your ice, place the molds on a cookie sheet or other flat surface to help keep them even.
The void is freezing by night and scorching by day and wind-scoured always.
Once the ice is gone, the warm water can't get out of it's own way and freezing starts again.
The constant motion of ocean water resists deep freezing as well as heating.
The bonding is even more intense and the freezing point even lower.
Rainbows involve liquid water refracting sunlight below the freezing level.
And now, snow and freezing temperatures have finally arrived.
However, you've only solved the ear problem and your head is still freezing and open to the elements.
When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow.
Taking the steps below before freezing temperatures arrive can help you avoid frozen pipes.
The freezing conditions, not to mention polar bears, should put off any unwelcome visitors.
Snow machines work by spraying water into air whose temperature is below freezing point.
What governments have been doing is flash-freezing the status quo of the bubble years: a big mistake.
The freezing of the retail price of natural gas has discouraged investment in exploration.

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