freewheeling in a sentence

Example sentences for freewheeling

Turn it the other direction, and you're back to freewheeling.
Bush is a surprising forebear of the freewheeling netizen.
Bill wanted to preserve a freewheeling style, where you made decisions fast and didn't get bogged down.
His mind was too acute and freewheeling to suffer its restrictions.
Various protesters told me of the use of pepper spray and freewheeling beatings with batons.
One's thoughts would be freewheeling, unclaimed by an owner.
Idea generation should be a freewheeling, unconstrained, uncritical process.
The freewheeling unit continuity was confirmed by drive shaft rotation.
The trolley is not motorized and it is a freewheeling unit.
To control freewheeling fire companies, communities put local government in charge of volunteer fire protection.
As described above, wave rotor speed is self determining due to the freewheeling design selected for use in this study.

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