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These days we've got an elegant new museum in the park and a tree-lined boulevard where an ugly freeway offramp used to be.
The drive to the fair went through beautiful rolling farmland, not along a congested freeway.
And, the city is known for its walking culture, and yet you cannot walk anywhere from this house except to the freeway entrance.
Louis had been rejected by his previous owners and was found on the freeway.
Think of sensing cell phones as they switch between cell phone towers while drivers speed down the freeway.
It was a good car but after three or four years it didn't have enough power to go on the freeway.
Joseph pulled off the freeway, found a pay phone, and called him up.
Everything was deserted, except for people fleeing towards the freeway.
On the other hand, a lot has been done, especially in earthquake-proofing the freeway network.
He hopes a new freeway exit will encourage businesses to set up.
Motorists on the nearby freeway once had to endure the sight of grim brick apartment blocks.
Thus equipped, bikes are ideal for freeway riding, but are not cut out to ford wild streams or plough through squelching bogs.
The fact that there weren't more useful freeway repairs involved is a problem.
We arrived by rental car and parked next to a delivery van in the lot closest to the freeway on-ramp.
Apparently the system gets its best mileage on the freeway at a constant speed which is not surprising.
Freeway plans get scrapped because of high noise levels.
It was flying in a gully alongside the freeway and barely faster than us.
The highway schedule contains fewer accelerations and decelerations and speeds typical of freeway driving.
Driving on a freeway and something happens in the oncoming traffic lane and you don't see the speed limit has changed.
Let's see, if you live near a freeway or a port you are probably poorer.
Meanwhile, even the silly freeway theory trumps this one.
The data-transfer freeway is set to turn into an autobahn.
There seemed to be golf courses on either side of the freeway.
And the reason there's traffic on the freeway is because the freeway is there.
It was late at night, no traffic, extremely dark corner off a freeway exit in a sketchy area of town.
Freeway guide signs contain various design elements that inform drivers of a particular route or destination.
Southeast freeway system is the economic lifeline not only for the region, but for the entire state.
Freeway traffic cameras in the southwest quadrant.
It was a flop, incapable of sustained freeway speeds and prone to overheating.

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