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It also falls freely from cut lilies onto whatever carpet or tablecloth happens to be below the vase.
Meanwhile, tourists are still welcome to explore the rock art freely, and talks are in progress to build a visitor center.
May as well be created robots with no ability to reason, to question, to think and decide freely.
Fencing contains the cattle as well as protects and separates them from their freely roaming cousins.
They did not charge admission to their park, allowing visitors to wander freely among the rides and stands.
These horses will freely interbreed in from north to south.
My instructor creates an atmosphere in which ideas can be exchanged freely.
Students should be able to express themselves freely there, he says, without worrying what some professor will think.
As part of the agreement, all these texts will be freely available, and this will tear down two kinds of walls.
Foundations and universities have spent a fortune producing freely available online course materials.
The impulse to share scholarly research more freely is an admirable impulse for any creator who wants to do so.
Formally, we've taken various steps to make sure that the blog's content will always be freely available and shareable.
Students today have been immersed in a culture that revels in trying on different personae and sharing freely.
His lawyer could talk freely with him and with others.
It doesn't mean that government should prevent people from freely exchanging goods and services.
Sadly, my ability to jump freely into the abyss was not one shared by many of my peers.
Countries are loth to let their currencies move freely.
But when the tap ran freely, water was squandered, and-inevitably-stopped.
Of course, trade is even more constructive when it is conducted freely.
It is sold to minors and in fast food restaurants, and is freely consumed on the streets and in tube stations.
Perhaps not-because the people it bars from the riverboat casinos freely chose their own exclusion.
In the rebel-held east, fuel flows more freely but there are rumblings of discontent.
The word sing cannot, as a matter of fact, be freely used to refer to its own conceptual content.
The arteries of neighboring lobules are independent of each other, but the veins freely anastomose.
Freely bestow on me substance that cheers the heart.
The arteries around the ankle-joint anastomose freely with one another and form net-works below the corresponding malleoli.
And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
Nerves are distributed freely to the periosteum, and accompany the nutrient arteries into the interior of the bone.
The hemolymph thus flows freely throughout their bodies, lubricating tissues and transporting nutrients and wastes.
Theoretically this should flow more freely through rock than water, because it is less viscous than water.
After two cocaine injections the mice were again allowed to freely explore the compartments.
It is open-source software, meaning that all its components are freely available so others can help to improve the program.
Wiki's entry includes a number of freely available research report references.
What would be news is for you to go swimming freely in the sea or a whale sitting in a cubicle responding to website articles.
Those who fear attacks should set up reasonable security measures for themselves and allow others to act freely the same way.
The team then selectively etched parts of the wafer so the metal blade could rotate freely.
Bacteria share genes freely, widening the global threat.
Science is supposed to do research and freely circulate knowledge for the common good.
In other words, genes within a species should be able to freely exchange across the population.
Moreover, they can freely resist the hypnotist's suggestions and are far from mindless automatons.
When resilin is swollen with water, its coils can rotate freely, which allows the proteins to unwind as they elongate.
Liquid water is a universal solvent that allows chemicals to freely float, make contact each other and produce reactions.
In either case, the globules formed floating freely in the outskirts of our solar system.
It's called that because the collaboration is open to all and the source code is freely shared.
In a loosely coordinated movement, dozens of hardware inventors around the world have begun to freely publish their specs.
At that price, third-world governments could buy millions and hand them out freely in rural villages.
At more hotels, the wine is flowing freely and free.
Hart's project freely distributes copyright-free works or copyrighted works with authors' permission.
In addition, companies that do make safer brands could advertise much more freely than with regular brands.
When casting, this configuration keeps the line flowing freely over the lip of the reel spool without tangling.
We don't think he's referring to the beer, which flowed freely during the screening.
The water molecules in ice are locked into a hexagonal crystal and do not move freely.
Shake dish gently from side to side and, when flan moves freely in dish, invert a large platter with a lip over dish.
And that fractures the rock and allows the gas to flow more freely out of the well.
Although they can release their muscular foothold to tumble in a current-a few can even swim freely-they are rarely in a hurry.
The revelers roam freely in our neighborhoods, trick-or-treating.
Whale lice don't live freely in the water-they spend their entire lives on whales.
Deepwater cages offer cleaner, more freely circulating ocean water and natural food, which can yield tastier fish.
Reindeer graze freely and in search of reindeer lichen for a night can disperse on few kilometers.
When it can't flow freely, the body is prone to illness.
It is one of the few places in the world where monkeys roam freely next to humans.
The varied terrain provides a haven for drug smuggling and makes it rather difficult to travel freely from village to village.
Mobile sea ice that floats freely in the ocean, not attached to any shoreline, is called drift ice.
Inside, guests move freely from car to car, as in any other wilderness lodge.
Also, some wild dogs get run over on the roads cutting through territories where they used to roam freely.
The nation isn't seeing the unemployment rate decline, because consumers aren't comfortable spending freely.
However, this tool can be co-opted and/or fought against by regimes that are not ready for it to be used freely.
It got the division general managers to fall in line with corporate goals but allowed them to run their divisions freely.
Reindeer grazing freely in search of reindeer lichen overnight can disperse across few kilometers.
Gray describes this kind of unstructured, freely-chosen play as a testing ground for life.
The hotel remained open to regular guests, and tourists wandered freely through the lobby.
The negative externality of lots of freely flowing information is distraction.
What is sad is that a dispatcher's use of freely available technology, not advanced databases, could have defused the whole event.
With each update freely available, it's a win-win for all concerned.
In another example, the objects are freely falling onto the ground or floor.
Record companies and songwriters would still make royalties, and musicians would be able to appropriate more freely.
The villagers ignore the boundary, and move freely on both sides of the river.
It is not objectively established but must be freely affirmed by the one to whom it belongs.
At this point in his career, he will freely say, he is at neither the top nor the bottom.
Visitors may move about freely, carrying large bags and packages.
And some filmmakers who have long approached film form audaciously approach it now more freely than ever.
They should follow their consciences and speak freely.
And because it can grow freely and sincerely, so too can twee representations of it, sincerity being prerequisite for good kitsch.
People never speak freely, and that's the one key difference between covering the royals and covering the world of celebrity.
Those who are now suffocating in cynicism and despair will be able to breathe freely.
Roaming around freely are several chickens, a gaggle of mental patients, and a few doctors in hospital greens.
For decades, poachers had run freely through the wilderness, zipping in and out aboard undetectable boats and bush planes.
He has delicate hands with long fingers, which he uses freely and expressively in conversation.
We would create a menu inspired by dishes from all over the globe, freely mixing ingredients and cooking techniques.
The devices would allow mice and other small animals to move freely.
It's allowed to move up and down freely, without any significant load being put on the engine, which saves fuel.
So there is now growing interest in open-source cloud-computing tools, for which the source code is freely available.
Possibly at this scale the molecules cannot align inside the tubes so they actually flow more freely and individually.
If you cut off power to an electric motor, it can still spin freely, so the car doesn't slow down much.
When the silicon atoms are farther apart, electrons move about more freely, hence faster.
In that way, they suggested, the act infringes the rights of privately funded candidates to speak as freely as they wish.
These days, finance flows far more freely across national borders than trade.
Now consumers are paying off debt and rebuilding savings, not spending freely.
Still others spoke freely until their lines went dead, mid-sentence.
Swift also talked to the press, freely and volubly, about the unfairness of the commission process.
Those who freely question the intellectual integrity of others should be sure of their own.
These outlets for the cultural consumer freely overflow into surrounding areas that are adorned with murals and sculptures.
The operation is intended to reduce the chance of stroke by allowing blood to flow more freely through the carotid to the brain.
Still, people are concerned about making these things freely available.
It's exactly the opposite of what should be the model, in which scientific papers are shared freely and openly.
We currently freely use this tech to compete for better work or better lives.
By the time he left, the ammonia was flowing freely.
Under normal conditions, the air can freely exchange with surrounding air.
But many glowing bacteria live freely in the open ocean, and they glow nonetheless.
The raw images are freely available to anyone, and it's fun to poke around the archive.
Less than a millimetre in length, they swim freely in the open ocean amidst other plankton.
To make those consonants meaningful, you're allowed to freely intersperse vowels.
If you want to do something and you choose to do it and you do do it, then you've acted freely.
In both cases, the recruits made their choices freely and were unaware that they had been subtly manipulated.
Because the simulator's dome can move freely and quickly, it can help create a sense of pitch.
Ever since that time the original cosmic radiation has traveled freely through space, with its energy constantly decreasing.
With the rationals, you can perform arithmetic freely, but algebra is another matter.
In a conducting polymer, electrons move freely down these chains.
Or to be more correct: you could freely choose to view it as being flat or not.
Its key feature: a single wing that pivots freely back and forth on hinges mounted behind its leading edge.
In fact, it flows so freely that it approximates a perfect liquid, the kind governed by the standard laws of hydrodynamics.
They are fine having a safe and strongly protected nation and are willing to trade freely with the rest of the world.
And then she experiments freely with new cultivars of perennials.

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