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Example sentences for freelance

She began a freelance writing, editing, and training business earlier this year.
She had to decide between the comfort of a staff news job and the unknown of freelance photography.
Freelance writers are typically paid by the article, not by the hour, so idle web-surfing does nothing but lower my paycheck.
Second, it must be shown that freelance testing by would-be nuclear powers does not pay off.
Freelance translators usually work for several translation companies.
Yet much theatre persists in flinging freelance actors together for rehearsal periods of six weeks or less.
The freelance market is booming and completely unaccounted for.
The freelance economy is an amazing thing to behold.
He did a lot of freelance work for a textbook company.
He did not go to college, choosing freelance photography while working at a radio station instead.
The publications will be led by a flagship editor and will feature the work of freelance journalists.
Go to freelance writing when you are willing get know about this good topic.
Maybe they thought he was doing a bad job because of his extra courses at the nearby community college and his freelance writing.
Best wishes from a newspaper editor and journalism prof who worked previously for years as a freelance writer.
During that time, and before and after, he also had a frenetic freelance career.
Being freelance has big disadvantages, but one of the advantages is not having to punch in at an office.
He started working on the film more than three years ago, taking breaks only so he could do freelance work to pay the bills.
The idea is that finding a job, freelance project or new employee is easier when trusted friends make the introductions.
None of this is to say that non-staff, freelance reporters cannot be excellent journalists.
From there it was but a few steps down the slippery slope to freelance journalism.
If you are not a professional freelance-writer, but a reader who wants to suggest a story topic click here.
She recovered somewhat and started working as a freelance magazine writer, often covering horse racing.
He did some freelance coding for a harbor-ferry service.
He insisted that our freelance photographer leave her memory card so that he could review each shot.
We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world.
Another has taken on freelance work for the weekends, even though she hasn't lost her job.
The freelance interpreters provide sign language interpreting for the consumers as needed.
Freelance interpreters usually earn an hourly rate, whereas translators who freelance typically earn a rate per word or per hour.
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