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But in that depression you had freedom of the press.
It is true that debates about obscenity often overlap with debates about freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
Freedom of the press inevitably helps drive scientific progress, which in turn propels innovation and economic prosperity.
It's not a matter of freedom of the press, because you can still write about people.
Freedom of the press, as the saying goes, belongs only to those who own one.
The closing down of a popular talk-radio show adds to concerns about freedom of the press.
In my opinion it is freedom of speech to print what they want, and also freedom of the press.
Freedom of the press means that any idea can reach everybody without hindrance from the powerful.
As the only syndicated political cartoonist who also writes a syndicated column, my living depends on freedom of the press.
But the terms of the judgment by no means ensure the future freedom of the press.
We accept the freedom of the press, after all, in spite of the fact that almost all newspapers are published by corporations.
With freedom of the press also comes responsibility.
Quite simply put: you have awarded the lofty ideal of freedom of the press to a handful of maverick bigots.
Freedom of the press only applies to those who own one.
Freedom of the press flourished with the appearance of several new independent newspapers.
Freedom of the press was non-existent, and group discussions were monitored by the government.

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