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Westerners tend to believe in free will and personal choice.
Of his own free will, he turns from a full-throttle embrace of life to a joyless subsistence.
If you decide to stay with your life as it is now, it will be of your own free will to do so and not because you are trapped.
The free will and the free mind were nowhere to be found.
It is the reward for a life of free will and reason not well spent.
For impecunious teenagers and students, the fact that peer-to-peer sharing is free will always be compelling.
If insurance companies had chosen to sell protection on corporate debt of their own free will, that was their business.
With the normal drug trade all of the players are doing it out of free will, which is to be commended.
We have a capacity to understand ourselves and environment and act with free will called intention.
Perhaps it is psychology that misunderstands the role of the conscious mind and free will in determining behavior.
He gave us free will and a divine plan to fulfill, it is not pre-destination or pre-determination.
Instead of using your free will to reject sense and reason, use your mind to consider a persuasive case for your point of view.
Your illegal alien example doesn't work because they shouldn't have the free will to do anything but leave the country.
He did it of his own free will, eyes wide open on reality tv, which is known for its baseness.
Contraception can also be purchased in the market at the free will of the user.
Whoever created me did so with my own free will and the ability to see these hateful people for the idiots they are.
It's the fear that personal responsibility will vanish if free will is shown to be an illusion.
The potential for time-travel paradoxes helps illuminate issues of free will vs predestination, a central theme of the show.
The court held that the test is whether the individual has exercised his own free will or choice in the separation.

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