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They must be allowed to express their conclusions in free speech and in votes that are combined with those of millions of others.
From now on, it's basically going to be all the free speech that money can buy.
They argue that the patent is invalid because it restricts free speech and free thought.
What proponents of this argument do not realize is that it both defies logic and tramples free speech about science.
Perhaps this publication no longer properly represents reasonable levels of free speech.
These only reveal that free speech can be a totally unscientific scam.
Free speech is a sham if you cannot find a domain registrar or web host willing to host your entirely legal speech.
They could not allow their predilection for free speech and their abhorrence of torture to endanger public safety.
Infringements on free speech such as this are nothing less than an abomination.
In a way, the sorry spectacle this family creates is a validation of free speech.
When it's an expression of a student's free speech, it is protected.
Most negative reactions have originated in civil libertarian distaste for government intrusion and concern for free speech.
Secularists followed with their own counter protest at what they believed to be a threat to free speech.
In each new case, a court has to decide whether the government's justification prevails over the interest in free speech.
In some areas of the country, local actions have already shut down bulletin boards and had a chilling effect on free speech.
Principles of academic free speech should apply at all levels of the university.
People will argue that free speech was restricted but thats a con.
They can't stop what you say when you're not at work, but your free speech is limited when you're speaking on behalf of others.
Geo-restricting information is on a par with limitations to free speech.
One of the strengths of our republic and its support of free speech is that it keeps folks from limiting the exchange of views.
He was at a university event celebrating free speech.
But not even free speech absolutists favor all speech, deceptive advertising of dangerous products is an example.
There is a limit to free speech, and fraud breeches that limit.
Even without blocking the windows and putting in a bouncer, my restaurant is not a public space for the purposes free speech.
In the name of protecting the children, they want to seriously harm free speech and communication.
Wow, it sure is fun reading all these rationalizations of how suppressing a form of speech isn't really suppressing free speech.
Have no doubts this was a huge victory for science, for skepticism, and for free speech.
In tolerance and allowing free speech, freedom of expression, freedom to live as you choose.
Laws should never, ever touch free speech or personal expression.
It may be free speech, he said, but it has consequences.
Free speech is a condition of legitimate government.
Celebrate free speech and public debate at this annual festival of soapbox speaking and heckling.

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