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Example sentences for free press

Improvements in human rights have occurred and there is a largely free press.
It has a decent record on civil liberties and a relatively free press.
Its leaders say it wants to be part of a modern democracy with a separation of powers, independent courts and a free press.
He would be committed to a free press, to tolerance of all doctrines and the maximum of tolerance for individual action.
Its free press makes the sordid details available to everybody.
Sharing those secrets with its people would automatically give them to its enemies, what with a free press and all.
Much better is active involvement of citizens in a democracy in the government combined with a vigilant and free press.
In the absence of censorship, a free press would have been able to verify the president's claim.
And it cannot remain free if does not have a balance of the powers of government and a free press.
Your articles exposing fraud and corruption are first rate, and show exactly the importance of a free press.

Famous quotes containing the word free press

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