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Example sentences for free market

Compare that to buying an airline ticket, where the free market reigns.
If only in a free market, the total of cost renewable energy cost were lower then nonrenewable.
The free market inevitably funds those technological developments since the productivity improvements result in profits.
The people who deny it subscribe to the belief that the free market can solve every problem.
But otherwise these games are as much a part of the free market as anything else.
Free market advocates claim that the less a market is regulated, the more it can flourish.
When the costs of conventional electricity rise to the level of solar then the free market will provide the answer.
If this isn't true then both democracy and the free market are a joke.
So much for an improvement on the current situation, and so much for the free market.
All the gov needs to do it tax the fossil fuels so a real free market can work.
They also eliminated the words capitalism or free market since they carry negative connotations.
The free market presupposes free choice of products for consumers.
But here's the great thing about the free market: you get to choose.
We sort of see the campaign operating the way the free market works.
National concerns are distortion from free market principles.
And for its part, the commercial sector can finally act as one would expect in a free market: by innovating and cutting costs.
Free market capitalism does not include rent-seeking, playing moral hazards.
Americans, some contend, are only now waking up to the inherent dangers of the free market.
The communist government's embrace of the free market has lifted millions out of poverty over the last decade.
The free market is still underdeveloped, so it's tough to persuade people to invest in artistic projects.
The country was transformed into a highly developed welfare state with a free market economy.
Rent-seeking distorts economic markets, reduces economic growth, and destroys the free market ethic.
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