free goods in a sentence

Example sentences for free goods

When you buy merchandise or receive free goods as part of your donation, these items are paid for out of your contribution.
The shop usually has sugar-free cookies and gluten-free goods available.
Importers of duty-free goods must pay a nominal sum for internal consumption.
Compensation can take the form of cash payments, free goods, or any other thing of value.
When buying merchandise or receiving free goods for giving, remember that these items are paid for out of your contribution.
If successful, the player is eligible to receive free goods or services from the merchant where the machine is located.
If you get any payment at all, even a small stipend or free goods or services, then you're not a volunteer.
Consumers who are charged do not receive the free goods or the services promised.
These free goods and services are critical for sustaining coastal communities and their economies.
Many businesses find it easier to offer free goods or services instead of donating money.
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