free fall in a sentence

Example sentences for free fall

Then it can free fall until it reaches terminal velocity where the air resistance matches the pull of gravity.
And now planets are even being found in free fall within our galaxy.
Being in free fall, however, the astronaut is not crushed by this acceleration.
What followed was a kind of free fall into what sociologists call social disorganization.
Instead of the unrelenting anxiety she expected as her income and credit rating went into a free fall, she felt relieved.
When the economy tanked, both went into a free fall.
Opposite shoes need not vacuum free fall identically.
Left and right shoes will not vacuum free fall identically.
Still, foreign production continued to surge, and the tariffs failed to stem the price free fall.
He had discovered the law of free fall, and the law of the pendulum.
It accelerates because it's in free fall, attracted by the suns gravity.
The entire stock market seemed to be in free fall as fears mounted that the credit crunch was going to trigger a recession.
Note that he probably isn't in free fall this whole time, and he isn't a point particle.
Loved getting air during those seconds of free fall before parachute deploy.
So while the cost to students has skyrocketed, the quality of teaching has been in free fall for years.
Any insurance firm that covers any housing must soon be in free fall.
Mining and manufacturing have been in free fall for six months.
So, it is advisable to create a free fall to the real estate and stabilize the price of it, and to stop the cash flow to run off.
Participants leap from the high place, free fall some of the drop, and then are arrested by the cord before hitting the bottom.
The series of training jumps then requires the student to deploy their own parachute while in free fall.
It's a feat every bit as stunning as his sudden free fall into golf's abyss.
The end result: the company's profits and its stock price are in free fall.
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