freaky in a sentence

Example sentences for freaky

To a western ear, this all sounds a bit freaky, but it seems to work.
It is freaky the first fifty or so times it happens, and then you get used to it.
Freaky stuff to those of us who are totally grounded to reality.
It would rain when it wasn't supposed to, or we'd have freaky snow.
It's heartening to see something freaky become relatively popular.
They are actually a bit freaky physically, born with the kind of biomechanics that can take repeated pounding.
But this is a freaky year, and apparently anything goes.
So called straight people also seem to involve themselves in some freaky scenes.
They say it is too freaky and too big and it doesn't make sense.
You've heard about the freaky animals at ocean vents.
Check out their amazing gallery of sparkly, curvy, freaky creations and get ready for yesterday's tomorrow.
Kids of all ages will gasp with glee at this freaky and furry collection of exotic animals.
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