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Example sentences for freakish

The real humanitarian fiasco is not the inadequate preparation of these nations, and many others, for freakish catastrophes.
They find themselves inadequate so they attempt to compensate with freakish behaviors in the name of self expression.
And their pretensions at seriousness have looked freakish and comical for quite some time now.
Indeed, it is somewhat freakish, and musicians usually have no idea how to exploit such a phenomenon to its best advantage.
He was freakish in terms of his natural abilities too.
At best their movie was a curiosity, a freakish piece of juvenilia, and they were glad to be finished with it.
The clerks coyly leave freakish and wildly visual large-format volumes out to catch the eye of browsing customers.
Start with the freakish number of no-hitters pitchers have tossed this year.
Reversal of pressure in the water may be freakish and unpredictable.

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