freak out in a sentence

Example sentences for freak out

Be calm, don't get so hyped up that you tax an already effected and taxed respiratory system, ie freak out and hyperventilate.
But if that happens, the market might freak out a little.
It's also strange how they freak out about droughts here in the desert.
That, and people already freak out about living underneath power lines.
We'll keep our ears to the ground, but owners shouldn't freak out about this until there's ample reason to do so.
Also, don't bring anything that you are going to freak out over if it gets stained and you can't wash it right away.
People don't freak out when they see you on the street.
Carla began to freak out about the car and all our stuff.
Now the government is doing more and you freak out, cry and whine that the government is doing too much.
Must be in freak out mode that people are not buying your fact-free spin.
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