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Surely if he's marketing his rubbish with false claims of medical efficacy he's committing fraud.
It depicts a flawed character who seems all the more brave and humane for his ambition and insecurity, virtue and fraud.
They manage it at every level-collecting premiums, writing claim checks, and guarding against fraud.
It is a sea term, and means the commission of a fraud on the owners or insurers of a ship by the captain or the crew.
Fraud, deceit, or malice had not then meddled themselves with plainness and truth.
In particular, there was fraud and cozenage in the law, injustice and oppression.
For a hundred years that has been an almost unbroken record of fraud and peculation.
And their promises they perform faithfully without any fraud or deceit.
He's charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and one count of bank fraud.
Fraud, fakery, or larceny is what ordinary people would call it.
Another employee thought to have been involved in covering up the fraud was also fired.
Its owner was later sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and tax-evasion charges.
It has now also helped the two companies thwart a lawsuit alleging fraud.
He should have should have been charged in state court for simple fraud, jurors reportedly concluded.
Social media is changing how state and local government elections are covered, including fraud or corruption reporting.
Otherwise, the government will have to rely on fraud.
Or maybe sue the guy who has been dead for a few hundred years for fraud.
The government surely could have charged him with other things, such as wire fraud, without the conspiracy charges.
They soon determined there was no reason to suspect misappropriation or fraud.
Selling the policies is fraught with risks relating to transparency, tax treatment and insurance fraud.
One company insider testified that the initial demo of the airship was a fraud.
The sort of fraud these laws would prevent is virtually non-existent.
However, they have to prove not only incompetence, but fraud.
It is scientific fraud to ignore other lines of inquiry because they don't fit your politics or funding.
They also employ personnel with extensive experience in handling science fraud.
In a few cases, such as the study linking autism and childhood vaccination, an individual is able to perpetrate outright fraud.
Now scientists have developed a technique based on holograms that they say will help curb digital fraud.
If you expect me to accept your authority that the project is a fraud, you expect more than you'll get.
He will definitely be trying to find personal loans to get legal advice if accusations of fraud are to continue.
Alleged fraud gets physicists thinking about misconduct.
And the ability to restrict information is worse than a license to commit fraud, it is worse than terrorism.
Which makes that graph and other similar ones a scientific fraud.
As the volume of publication rises, fraud will probably rise with it.
It argues that such a defense is an illusion and a fraud.
The concerns about its credibility run deeper than last fall's elections, which were marred by widespread corruption and fraud.
The fact is that such a sustained fraud is almost impossible to carry through without telltale mischances.
Gross electoral fraud by the ruling party has deprived the entire political apparatus of legitimacy.
In many borderline cases involving financial fraud, the crime ultimately lies in the eye of a beholding jury or judge.
By means of a study of the typography and the chemical composition of the paper, they ascertained it to be a fraud.
The whole point of the service, he realized was to harness his time and energy to the task of reducing the bank's fraud losses.
So it's not totally beyond suspicion that the whole things a fraud.
There was no hype and no fraud involved in me getting genetic testing.
Still, they found sufficient evidence to pursue charges of racketeering and mail fraud.
She was a liar and a fraud and she was deceiving him at every moment.
For ten years, two zealous, self-appointed investigators of scientific fraud made headlines--and enemies.
Numerous investigations have failed to point out that a scientific fraud has been committed.
He has been working tirelessly for years to promote critical thinking and skepticism, and to de-fraud the fraudulent.
Many member of the public are raging at me for failing to point out what they see as an inexcusable case of scientific fraud.
Lack of ability to tell fraud from truth makes people blindly not trusting any thing.
Eventually, even fraud is detected and rejected by the medical community.
No, the main problem that climate science is having is a lavishly funded campaign of lies and fraud.
But not looking at applicants who paid you to look at their applications is called not doing your job, and it's also called fraud.
Fraud is the crime of deliberately deceiving another in order to obtain property or services from him or her unjustly.
To report suspected bankruptcy fraud, please prepare a written summary that contains the following information.
Cellular fraud is defined as the unauthorized use, tampering or manipulation of a cellular phone or service.
Rooting out health care fraud is central to the well-being of both our citizens and the overall economy.

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