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Example sentences for frantically

Most have spent the last three weeks frantically trying to locate missing students and faculty.
Distraught local people fished out the dead and searched frantically for survivors.
As he was frantically driven from show to show, his intake of alcohol and cigarettes skyrocketed.
Dismayed and exhausted, they had stopped yelling frantically for help.
From time to time some one frantically denounces the marking of books.
The government is now frantically approving new capacity-but it will be three or four years before this new power comes on stream.
Rescue workers, using microphones and fiber-optic cable to probe rubble, frantically are searching for trapped victims.
It scurries to the beach through a gauntlet of mature birds, dodging frantically whenever one snaps at it, which happens a lot.
The video then shows the crew frantically executing a series of evasive maneuvers.
In the early days there were the leaflets, thousands of frantically scribbled posters, created of the need to do something.
It was oh-so-tense watching everyone frantically type away for a full day on their laptops.
Even so, speculators frantically bid up the share price.
Phone lines were jammed with people frantically trying to reach friends and relatives in the quake area.
You're frantically copying and pasting and researching but you can't grasp such a simple point.
Stabbing aches deep in her bones, where the marrow was frantically cranking out white cells, or leukocytes.
Unfortunately, that meant that shaking the monsters loose meant waving my arms frantically.
It happens every year: parents frantically seek the right coat for children.
Don't stay up the night before frantically trying to get it done.
Everyone frantically is stuffing the hole with their money---the poorer people contribute some, the rich contribute a lot.
Firefighters frantically cranked a rescue ladder, which rose slowly skyward-then stopped at the sixth floor, fully extended.
People frantically try to protect themselves and their belongings.
Was complete disaster, with boss signalling frantically for us to wind it up.
After a few seconds, the animal begins to run frantically around the bottom of the enclosure.
One of the more curious spectacles this autumn was the sight of out-of-towners frantically checking their watches.
Shoppers frantically filled trolleys before the deadline.
The radio operator frantically screws and unscrews his antenna, trying to bring his gear back to life.
He frantically dialed his father's cell phone while the police smashed the door open.
The harbor patrol tried frantically to bring the machine to the surface.
Still many others booed frantically when this was explained during the wrap-up.
Even as they frantically cut back their debt mountains through austerity measures, the debt servicing costs are piling up.
Especially compared to how it was frantically tried to construct a leftist terrorism menace from a series of arsons.
Though they frantically try to create wealth by borrowing and/or printing money, all they do is prolong the agony.
In a savage sea, survivors wave frantically at a ship that is but a dot on the horizon.
Three drummers frantically pound sacred drums, enticing worshipers to crowd around and step to the pulse.
She'd either be doing that or cheeping frantically, her whole soft underside heaving up and down with the effort.
He frantically condemns the doctrine of salvation by works and frantically exalts the doctrine of salvation by faith.
Seaboard cities frantically demanded that adequate protection should be sent to them.
Battery acid is splashed on captive fish to make them leap frantically.
They spent several days frantically collecting samples with hopes of culturing the fungus back in the lab.
McDonald recalls walking frantically up and down the stream, turning over rocks, searching for frogs.
Four or five of his comrades run the litter to the helicopter and clumsily, frantically, shove him inside.
She started running back and forth, looking frantically.
Pointing frantically doesn't really seem all that helpful in that situation.
She called an ambulance and frantically searched her brother's suitcase for clues.
Each squid, as it's captured, frantically tries to free its tentacles from the hooks by emitting great jets of water.
The saga begins with the doctors who frantically studied the illness as the pandemic raged.
Luckily, a host of epidemiologists and microbiologists are frantically working to avert disaster.
Despite resisting frantically and some attempts at intervention by journalists, she was taken away in a car.
Freaked out, he shined his light around frantically, looking for the source of the voice.
He must have about wet himself with happiness, listening to the adults frantically looking for him.
Perhaps it is neither and the people who count, yet to make up their minds, are frantically hedging and debating.
Business leaders are frantically trying to catch up.
Developers are frantically scaling back projects, or even mothballing them.
Since then it has been diversifying frantically, with considerable success.
She made calls, sent faxes and frantically gathered information.
Now they realize the problem is starting to get out of control and they are frantically trying to fix it.
Not only that, he defaulted on the course of rabies injections the health department was frantically trying to get him to take.
He then gOt control of a string of theatres and frantically be- gan putting together shows to fill them.
The question we're now frantically grappling with is how this came to be, and what can be done about it.
The helicopter pilots shifted frantically to one side to try to get out of the way.
In his speeches he attacked his opponents hysterically and frantically, calling them all kinds of names.
But it was precisely his concern for these more important things that made him fiddle so frantically.
As he walks frantically up and down, he seems to be in some fantastic communication with time and space.
When they hear summer rainstorms on the surface above, spadefoots frantically dig out to find tiny pools of collected rainwater.
The driver was waving his arms frantically in an attempt to get the officers' attention.
She clutched frantically onto metal as she looked down down.
County roads sustained significant damage, and the public was frantically seeking information about the road closures.
As soon as one close relationship ends, she will frantically start looking for another as a source of care and support.
Over the next two months, landowners will frantically spend their weekends preparing food plots for quail and other wildlife.
Patrons rushed frantically in the dark trying to find the exits.
If a bald eagle is vocalizing and circling the area frantically, then you are too close and need to leave the area quickly.
The supervisor and the two operators frantically attempted to locate the open valves.
Scup feed frantically and fight energetically when hooked, thereby providing angling enjoyment for the entire family.
It seems the whole staff is frantically preparing for our event, working around last-minute repairs and installations.
He began frantically waving a palm frond at the aircraft, catching the pilot's eye.
All the employees are frantically asking for antibiotics.
In outlying areas, developers are frantically building golf courses.
Bodies on stretchers are jounced frantically toward the ambulances, and an arm waves at the camera to clear the way.

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