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Example sentences for frankness

Thanks to you all for your openness, frankness, perfect organization and kind hospitality.
She got people to change with her frankness and kindness, and even got a major company to change an important policy.
Fine physics fizzled forlornly failing forthrightness' frankness.
If my frankness made some think twice about applying for openings at two-year colleges, well, good.
They are also surprised by the frankness around discussing issues of race.
With disarming frankness, he also admits that his agent had spotted a gap in the market.
Opposition candidates have previously paid for such frankness with their lives.
The minister should not worry too much about his frankness.
All of that courage and frankness wouldn't mean squat if the movie was poorly made.
More such admirable frankness is no doubt on its way.
But while they brought a refreshing frankness-and earned critical praise-their films tended to be heavy and self-obsessed.
The conversation was anything but polite but its frankness about all sorts of taboo subjects helped me to clarify my views.
The childbirth sequence is filmed straight-on with a delicate combination of taste and frankness.
If you wish to preserve your secret wrap it up in frankness.
The same frankness runs through all his conversation.
It has been my aim to have them speak with directness and frankness about anything that concerns the life of the school.
The airwaves are filled with songs of hitherto unheard-of frankness and beauty.
And yet there are also pieces of quite shocking frankness and beauty.
For all their alleged frankness, both sides dodged mention of the scheduling difficulties leading up to the event.
Instead, he uses their bodies as a sort of chit of authenticity and frankness.
No truer words have been spoken, and certainly not with such pony-tailed frankness.
Bob combined frankness about issues with discretion about personalities in his usual fashion.
To the amazement of many physicians, the report's frankness has relieved them of some of the burden of personal error.
They combine frankness of silhouette with loss of detail, and the effect is mysterious and poignant.
It was the flip side of his, um, dimness and seemed to promise frankness if nothing else.
Works that present an aspect of life honestly are not necessarily excluded because of frankness of expression.
If differences of opinion arise, you should discuss them in a spirit of fairness and frankness.
The actual writing was done by his two collaborators, as they explain with commendable frankness.
Thinks frankness quite the change which is explosive.

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