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The car was a rental car that the franchise owned and it had a non-conforming floor mat in it.
He still lives in his boyhood room at his parents' house and says he hopes to start a fast-food franchise one day.
He also boosted the university's financial support and gave it an exclusive franchise to publish and sell almanacs nationwide.
Unbelievably, there are no franchise restaurants in town.
And surprising for a show directly tied to a franchise with a ravenous fan base.
In its first decade or so, a firm that experiences tremendous success will be more likely to expand or franchise.
But the hotel is owned by someone else-often an individual or an investment fund-who has taken out a franchise on the brand.
He is currently chosen by parliament but, if the plan had gone ahead, would have been elected in future by universal franchise.
The bank has affirmed the importance of its market-leading wealth-management arm as its main franchise.
The new owners boosted sales, launched new products and improved franchise relationships.
In the second regime, the franchise expanded and politicians started to boast of having been born in log cabins.
Western capitalism's victory over its rotten communist rival does not ensure it an enduring franchise from voters.
They refused to franchise, for example, instead pouring profits back into an infrastructure of company-owned stores.
Goldman, for all its reputation and smarts, has no such franchise.
The latest installment of a highly popular magazine franchise.
The legendary sci-fi franchise that changed pop culture-and inspired two generations of scientists-was rusting in space dock.
We've managed to turn this into a billion dollar franchise.
Most such places are gone, often because the spawn of a national franchise moved to town and ran them out of business.
Be wary if a promoter is more interested in selling a distributorship or franchise than in marketing a product or service.
Suddenly he becomes this crazy movie star off of that franchise.
It is a bit scary to watch this five-foot-seven-inch, slim, adorable franchise skateboard his way to the stage.
He is the only star around whom one of the fast-spawning cable news networks has ever tried to build an entire franchise.
The primary metaphor people have used to describe what he's done is a franchise, which is wrong.
Money doesn't grow on trees for every professional sports franchise.

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