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Provides supervision with a broad framework of standard policies and procedures.
More important question would be does your moral framework come from you or an absolute truth.
Most evergreen shrubs and some deciduous ones form a permanent framework of branches.
We've got the scientific structure and framework incorrect.
Second, it establishes a transparent framework for evaluating countries' performance against their commitments.
But successive governments have failed to provide a legal framework that would encourage large-scale investment.
There the cells create the framework for the electro-sensory system.
Cancellous bone provides the framework on which bone marrow cells grow and also makes essential minerals available to the body.
In retrospect, the framework for the living exhibitions was an oversimplified evolutionary one.
Boulders encrusted with green-and-silver lichens form the framework of the garden.
It seems, though, that this hub framework will be the way any other apps will fit into the ecosystem.
Some of this activity will need to be set in a broader framework at some point.
Artisans solder a metal framework into which they pour vibrant powdered enamel.
Understanding them provides a framework for dealing with, rather than becoming paralyzed by, the problems of the world.
The project was done to produce an organic and spontaneous result within a certain framework.
These tiles rest on the same kind of framework a wooden deck does.
Zeppelin airframes were made of a lightweight alloy with a fabric skin stretched over the framework.
The ship's outer shell was built first, and the inner framework was added later.
And every artist must resolve the tension between the mind's eye and the material framework of color.
The mixture is allowed to age for weeks or months, and then is applied to a metal framework.
Design and develop software and framework for large-scale cloud-based services.
The aim is to build a framework for sustainable development-eliminating poverty while protecting the environment.
The country has lacked a legal framework for two decades.
Climate change is a long-term problem full of uncertainties, so the framework is a bit unsuited for the task.
Listen as museum facilitators explain the framework of the exhibit and answer visitors' questions.
They're the perfect framework for drop earrings, he says.
Until now, no objective framework for determination has been developed or applied.
For a start, he wants to overhaul the framework within which standards are set.
Towards the bottom of the photo is the framework of the window.
Information is meaningless without a theoretical framework.
The shoes feature removable, multi-density framework for all-day comfort and support.
His framework and terminology remain standard to this date.
The structure was likely made of wattle and daub-a framework of wooden sticks covered with mud or clay.
It's humans against humans within the framework that humans are defined.
Doctors are also concerned about the legal framework of consortia and the possibility of financial failures.
One of the first tasks of the single unified body would be to produce a coherent regulatory framework for the industry.
Press a conspiracy button to complete the framework below and generate an airtight, logic-proof plot.
He was found hanging by a rope which formed the lacing of the cover over the iron framework of his cot.
Operations management provides a framework and approach to discuss them.
In a new culture, employees need to set up a framework for how they will get things done, whether in their work or family lives.
At the time, few asked if there was a legal framework for resolving potential disputes.
Many are excellent teachers and do amazing things within the framework they have to work with.
It's always useful to have some sort of established framework to describe results in a new system.
There does not seem to be anything new and groundbreaking behind this framework.
Before cellular, a framework of different channels protected nearby stations from interference.
Fletcher created the framework for affirmative action.
It's impossible to put it in that kind of framework.
The exhibitions and the contents it will house, be it historical or contemporary is successful and within a considered framework.
As a priest, the framework of his order inevitably hemmed him in.
Spencer displayed much ingenuity in fitting organic, mental and social facts into this mechanical framework.
The farmhouse was built of wood, a board outer-covering over a framework of logs.
It is not so much the canvas as the framework upon which he has woven and stretched a romantic piece of modern embroidery.
The framework he elucidated, which employed multivariate calculus, still dominates graduate textbooks.
He was tall and sprawling, all bony framework, the kind of body not always in synch with its hinges and joints.
Tang sees himself as part of an intellectual vanguard articulating an ideological framework for his generation.
College structures facilitate innovation and flexibility within a strong collaborative framework.
Twitter is simply a platform, or framework, that allows communication to occur.
It looks as though the traditional framework used to define the concept no longer fits the new reality.
Inside the statue four huge iron columns support a metal framework that holds the thin copper skin.
Under this funding framework, both organizations will work together to identify and support research and conservation projects.
It could provide a framework for a more robust system to monitor and verify compliance with stated national goals.
When you're ready to shower, lower the framework and secure your bag of hot water to the top.
That's already a quite complex framework, which also preceded your deity by definition.
Utilitarianism provides a plausible framework for deciding who should get trampled.
It would be much better if they tried instead to provide the entrepreneurs with a proper legal framework.
This, in turn, provides the framework for the solution.
Suffice to say that physics must be placed on acceptable mathematical framework.
Within the framework of that design, you will still find a healthy proportion of the content of the printed magazine.
The proper metaphorical framework, however, should come from the observation that a computer program is really a behaving machine.
The larger of the two is the lack of a regulatory framework governing generic protein drugs.
The fingers of these combs mesh with silicon fingers machined into the surrounding silicon framework.
Within this framework, all forms of violent or disturbing content are inappropriate for children.
So, it will not work unless a global framework is in place.
Indeed, within this framework he could not have done more, nor done it more scrupulously.
He provided a conceptual framework for the social sciences.
The precarious framework of humane culture, the preservation of a minimum of decency, was everything to him.
Alternative ideas even within the canonical framework were not tolerated.
Together with ecology and population genetics, it all formed a framework to help explain the origin of social behavior.
Behavioral economics provides a framework for explaining why people behave in a self-destructive fashion.
The reality is that a little over a year ago the interpretative framework of science in this area shifted.
He was no longer operating on a pure input-output or match-to-sample framework, he was learning how to think.
In that framework, iron was composed primarily of sulfur.
Whatever theoretical framework one has, one can generally find some way of making it fit the facts.
They fit within the original framework, filling in the details.
Those who take postcolonial thinking as normative sometimes forget that not everyone shares their framework.
They are situated within a framework of pre-existing knowledge and expectations.
While still in his early thirties he created the theoretical framework for an entirely new discipline called quantum computation.
That's where the statistical framework presented in the paper is so useful: one can control for confounding variables.
The trick was to make a substance crystallize as a highly ordered, symmetrical, porous framework.
Truth is subjective and based on the individual's own framework of reality.
To do so, the committee offers a framework that everyone can use to evaluate any proposed federal budget.

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