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Then remove the wooden casing, or trim, from around the door frame.
Or you can build a post-and-beam wooden frame that supports the roof and fill in the walls with straw bales.
Build a simple frame for a plywood panel sized to fit the bed.
Build a frame by pushing a needle and knotted thread through one end of a straw and into the center of a second straw.
Build the frame yourself and plant your own cuttings or buy an all-in-one succulent garden kit.
He could never frame and fashion a considerable poem with due equilibrium of substance and form, of thought and story.
Its skeletal frame resembles a construction crane or a bridge truss.
Watching films on digital video disk, one gets into the habit of stopping the film suddenly to look at scenes in freeze frame.
And do it in the time frame in which you said you would.
The result is yellowish blobs in a paler yellow fluid, surrounded by a highly polished steel frame.
Customize your framed photographic print with presentation or design suggestions by choosing your photo size, mat, and frame.
Inside, cashew trees frame a cluster of gauzy mesh cages perched on a platform.
Create a headboard picture frame by using decorative molding from a home improvement store.
Open the animation panel and add a new frame as you did in the beginning of the previous section.
Most people tend to notice the pictures and ignore the frame.
The precise mix that is right for you depends on your risk tolerance and time frame.
Both frame their objections in the language of national sovereignty.
View exclusive photographs and get the facts behind the frame.
The frame is lightweight and curves around the face comfortably.
These areas may have struggled to match so many new residents with optimal jobs in so short a time frame.
Whether or not this time frame is good enough is still unknown.
If your frame does not have feet to distance it from the wall, add the third frame behind your wreath.
At first, it's odd, hopping on a bike frame made entirely of wood.
Pocket-door kits have metal frame parts, hardware and instructions.
The team uses a hose to spray a thin coating onto a simple frame.
Turn a pair of jeans into a cool purse, or use broken flower pots and create mosaic for a table or photo frame.
As the letters on the following pages show, a lot depends on your frame of reference.
It's a brief appearance, when a server darts into the frame to hand plates to a chef.
With a little creativity, turn an old artwork frame and drawer organizer into a family message center.
Get the facts behind the frame in this online-only gallery.
Visuals from the referenced articles frame the grid.
For example, don't pick up a wet painting by the top and watch the frame fall to the ground.
Never be satisfied with your first view of a place or the first frame you snap.
The underlying principle here is that, to solve a problem, it helps to put it in a different frame from the one you started with.
No one could know everything, of course, but it was possible to have a frame of reference.
Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.
Tracker can change the number of frames you look at as well as the starting and ending frame.
The bike uses eight gallon water bottles attached to a metal frame to keep it afloat.
Linear external space is defined with respect to the internal spherical space of an atom in each frame sequence.
Its lightweight frame is perfectly balanced for an artist's hand.
Then place them in a growing area such as a greenhouse or cold frame and provide protection from direct sun.
But she had already left an opening elsewhere in the hedge to frame the entrance to a rose garden a few feet away.
Use a scraping tool to peel away flesh between leaf shape and its frame.
Vibration and its effect on the human frame is a story of the automobile and motor cycle as well.
But this should not be calculated over a short time frame.
Thousands of picture frame corners were used to create the ceiling at left.
It can also be difficult to base the rewards on the right time frame.
The way to get a good decision is to frame the question carefully.
They open by folding back accordion-style against the door frame.
The frame is more than decorative, it also serves as an additional support.
His six-foot-one frame is rendered more imposing by his iron self-belief.
Put the empty frame on top of this carefully glue or screw this frame to the one below.
The result is a critic with an unusually wide frame of reference.
The technique builds up each frame of the movie from thousands of individual shots taken at precisely defined times.
However, they are not in an inertial frame of reference.
The event is merely observed in a different way depending on the observer's frame of reference.
The picture began to include life outside its frame.
Super-rugged frame and tires will take anything you throw at them.
Then he stuck them on an iron plate using a mixture of ash, resin and wax, and held them in place with an iron frame.
Time is a basic psychological frame into which our mind process motion in the universe.
For added support and color, ribbons run through the centers of the wreaths and fasten to the top of the door frame with tacks.
The steel frame and legs give it the look of furniture.
To give a small plant more presence, frame it in a large bowl set on its side, as pictured.
The color palette of the kitchen is echoed in the tiles used to frame the patio fountain.
Extend built-ins to create a frame for the door or adjoining room.
It's an excellent plant to put around gardens in the same way that a frame is put around a photo to display it.
The frame is set on bricks placed in each corner to keep it off the ground and letting air circulate underneath.
Thousands of worn-out wood-frame windows were discarded throughout the city.
There is no doubt that raising the frame rate is the best way of improving the viewing experience.
So the executive who wants to be in the frame, or to move to another employer, learns to use it.
Within the gold-tone frame, the neatly dressed subject is clasping a book-a remarkable statement for the age.
Position the bouquet on the frame, with the radishes facing up and the leaves toward the back.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Cut five verticals to the height of the frame and eight horizontals to the frame's width.
Digital photo frames are a fun way to get new pictures into a frame, without having to remove the back and re-insert photos.
The best location on a cruise ship is sometimes related to time frame and budget.
She leans casually on her spinning frame, staring out at the camera, dressed in a filthy work smock.
The builders would have leveled the floor and sunk four juniper or cedar posts into a squarish frame near the center of the pit.
Their long tails, which account for half of their five-foot frame, help them balance on small branches.
The sculpture's marble sheathing lies in shards, exposing a skeletal frame of concrete and rusting rebar.
His portly frame is clothed in a three-piece business suit and tie, minus the jacket.
It has mountain-bike suspension, an aluminum frame and a low, sleek design for cornering.
Though both the number of staff and enrollment increased in that time frame, enrollment increased faster.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
Frame it or reframe it, my dissertation topic was going to marginalize me in my chosen field.
Frame it around how much you have learned and how much you have enjoyed working with him or her.
Another difficult problem was that of providing a satisfactory frame of civil government.
Her mortal frame could not endure the splendors of the immortal radiance.
She started back, a shudder ran through her frame as a ripple on the face of the still water when a sudden breeze sweeps over it.
Guided by a specific time frame, scientists may find it easier to identify factors that allow the heart to heal, he says.
The clocks are synchronized in the ship's own frame-of-reference.
We were thinking of a time frame lasting a few seconds.
Neuroscience will be a main part of this web science frame-researches.
She removed it from the wall, took it out of its frame, and confirmed that it was in excellent shape.
It was the perfect frame for a show that made the unwatchable watchable.
It's a single-panel cartoon, a freeze-frame forever frozen.
It does away with a frame altogether, and could soon make your commute emissions-free.
By this he means shorter than the distance measured in the reference frame on the ground.
They watch the taped episodes, frame by frame, looking for hidden information.
The beetle, seen in the upper part of the frame, is tethered for practical purposes.
These troughs are mounted inside a rectangular frame and can tilt in unison from side to side to follow the sun.
The language designers and promoters use to frame technology interests the scholars represented in this volume as well.
The phone app divides the camera frame into nine regions and looks for the eye in one of these regions.
Do not forget the extra weight of a beefed up frame designed to carry enough of these batteries in an electric vehicle.
The frame is the same, but nearly everything else is different for electrics.
Nothing could be more detrimental to an ambitious work of history than to frame it in the crabbed terms of a contemporary spat.
The transcriptions are set in a frame of autobiographical narrative and personal reflection.
To carry in one's heart a set of values and ideas, and a viable frame of reference is if not peace, then the only possible peace.
Such frame-up charges are a common reflexive reaction to awkward facts.
But by then, the frame of mind on the other side was anything but receptive.
Increase the time frame even further to an evolutionary scale and the relationship grows more obvious.
She opened the door a crack, and the door frame moved, almost imperceptibly.
Noise, popping up at random from frame to frame, would be much less likely to do that.
The metal frame will conduct current around the vehicle rather than through it.
Then, using those data, you have to frame your talk in terms to which the audience relates.
First of all, it describes his face and frame: quite the exception in a profession so devoted to lissomeness in its anchorpersons.
Lose the box spring and get a frame that is simple and low to the ground.
Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised.
Mason, whose six-foot frame belies his pixie-ish personality, was wearing his usual jeans and long-sleeved button-down.
Earlier this year, an even more studied children's store opened next door, in an almost completely reconstructed old frame house.
The context, the people behind it, and the time it took to create it gives the actual frame of the artwork.
The temptation was to frame it, since it marks one of those transitions in life that merits being remembered.
Giving someone a shiny silver frame used to be a good way to avoid hunting down a real present.
But at the left of the frame, another sunbather is visible.

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