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Example sentences for fragrance

Add essential oils such as lavender or lemon to your cleaning products for a pleasant fragrance.
Inside, the fragrance of the flowers mingled with the odor of wood smoke and mildew.
The rose fragrance was also really light and pleasant.
The consolidation among fragrance makers over the past year has dramatically reordered the industry.
The luminous, double-rose flowers have a sublime fragrance.
Each variety had a distinct fragrance from the others, but all were easily identifiable as a rose fragrance.
Before infusion, cuppers should evaluate the dry fragrance by sniffing the grounds.
My sarong, freshly laundered, sports a lingering fragrance of sandalwood.
Both flowers and bruised leaves have fragrance of an old wine barrel.
Rose water is used as a home fragrance and is also known for its medicinal properties.
Chips of orris root were once eaten to freshen the breath or thrown in the fire for fragrance.
Roll down your car window to catch the heavenly fragrance of sweet peas.
Intense fragrance carries through the air, even in dry climates.
She created these phenomenal bouquets with herbs added to heighten the fragrance.
Sculptural plants fill the bed and welcome guests with fragrance.
Tucking organic herb sachets throughout the house leaves a subtle fragrance.
The fragrance of chocolate permeates the air whenever this daisy blooms.
Andalusian gardens bloom with fragrance in cooling foliage.
In fact, some of the camera equipment still retains the beast's special fragrance to this day.
Smooth deep green leaves with yellow variegation have a spicy apple fragrance and flavor.
Smooth deep green leaves with yellow variegation have a spicy apple fragrance and fl more add to my plant list.
Buy this plant in bloom to check for best fragrance.
Bay and rosemary leaves form a wreath that holds its fragrance for more than a week.
For fragrance and sheer drama in the garden, you can't beat lilies.
The spicy fragrance wafting through the air can get anyone in a festive spirit.
Tree gives pungent fragrance to garden in warm weather.
Ovate to lance-shaped, medium green leaves with lemon fragrance.
Said to be on track to be the best-selling fragrance ever.
In my experience it has twice the fragrance of blue heliotropes.
Rosemary plants have varying amounts of camphor in their fragrance profile.
Instead they dupe their pollinators with an enticing fragrance, shape, or color.
It has almost vanished from our sight, but its music and fragrance still hover in the air.
The weeds were abloom with tiny purple blossoms and gave forth an overpowering fragrance.
Despite the fragrance of the mint, he also wore a mask.
Look for a fragrance-free product, since fragrance often causes skin reactions.
The fragrance is strong and full-bodied with a hint of musk.
Fragrance in bloom: cultivating the scented garden throughout the year.

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