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Bearden became a master of collage, an art form as complex, fragmented and many-layered as his life.
Plus, the habitat that lynx prefer has become fragmented from fires, insect invasions and logging.
Inadequate or fragmented sleep can set off seizures in many people.
He is extremely popular with the art-house crowd, thanks to his reliance upon improvised dialogue and fragmented continuities.
Over the past few decades, wildlife areas have become increasingly fragmented.
For now, the sequence is fragmented into hundreds of thousands of snippets.
On top of predator pressure, the cottontail is struggling to survive in fragmented habitats.
But the groups are fragmented, divided by highways, farms and housing developments.
One important point is that our body does not operate in a fragmented manner.
Fragmented micro photo cells that absorb photons and emit an electromagnetic wavelength that could be used by a wireless receiver.
Fast-charging standards, however, remain fragmented.
As everyone is aware, pop music has become so fragmented that it is a wonder the industry survives.
When album sales began to crumble and radio fragmented, these bands were mostly unaffected.
The traditional college experience may become more fragmented.
The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
For example, they pay providers for fragmented care, rather than for integrated treatments for diseases or disabilities.
Fragmented authority will cripple the administration's efforts.
But its absence can be even worse, if that leaves people in the grip of loyalties that are even narrower and more fragmented.
The herds are geographically isolated and their remaining habitat is highly fragmented.
Fragmented and starving for fresh water, the marsh is now only a fraction of its original size.
We know little about its populations, but fragmented forests and illegal wildlife trade may be putting it at risk.
The fragmented pieces of forest are too small to support a population large enough to survive in the long term.
The site can also bring a unique big-picture perspective to otherwise fragmented efforts.
The site can bring a unique big-picture perspective to otherwise fragmented efforts.
Land ownership is fragmented among local clans, and their leaders disagree about which lands should be protected.
Local partnerships have proven key to maintaining this small, fragmented site.
Now they've been backed into increasingly fragmented territories.
It has been fragmented by faults, rocked by earthquakes, and frozen by ice caps up to a mile thick.
People have settled and are farming in unplanned areas, making wildlife habitats patchy and fragmented.
People have settled and are farming in unplanned areas, making habitats patchy and fragmented.
Parliamentary observers complain that the fragmented legislature has made the country's politics more negative and short-term.
But thanks to rigid labour laws, it is fragmented and inefficient.
But jobs are growing in fragmented services not in manufacturing.
Along with that may come more bond funds, and even an index that tracks the entire fragmented market.
With hundreds of television channels and millions of websites to choose from, audiences have become fragmented.
But this would probably mean lots of tiny, fragmented packets of airwaves changing hands.
Reaching the customer is more complex, because the retail business is still fragmented.
Its domestic market is fragmented and impossible to consolidate because of regional politics.
The fragmented construction industry needs such a marketplace.
The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
There could be obvious benefits-money to hire new staff, build a brand, and consolidate a fragmented industry.
It has become geographically and politically fragmented.
His comprehensive outlook is something for which, in our fragmented and rootless modernity, many of us yearn.
In part, he says, this is because the construction industry is so fragmented.
Having a national, state-owned health service should make this easier than in countries with fragmented, private system.
The container-shipping industry has fared better because it is less fragmented.
Support for governments shrinks and ruling coalitions become more fragmented.
Unless that improves, aid is likely to remain badly fragmented.
The bigger problem is that existing schemes are fragmented and often ineffective.
Except in big cities near the coast, conventional retailing is fragmented and underdeveloped.
Fragmented rice kernels, with the bran removed, used as supplemental starch in beer-making.
Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not, and that means it's fragmented for developers.
By making flying-fox populations sedentary, stressed and fragmented, development might have also made them prone to viral spikes.
Their audiences are aging, the advertising revenue on which they depend increasingly fragmented.
Book publishing is infinitely more fragmented and conflicted than any other media industry.
But he realized that the community was much too fragmented.
Oddly enough, the fragmented skeletons were partially buried under a hearth.
Although eight maintained a normal sleep-wake cycle, two experienced extremely fragmented sleeping and waking patterns.
Combined with computer simulations, the evidence points to a meteorite born of an asteroid that fragmented in the atmosphere.
Extremely bright then fragmented when it got close to the horizon.
Their sleep became fragmented, but they slept for the same amount as their undisturbed peers.
It had that totally fragmented feeling that we'd been searching for.
Hardware is fragmented, with little standardization.
The result: doctors don't communicate, information is fragmented, and medical care suffers.
Identify duplicate, fragmented, and related records.
Fragmented regulation and supervision, if present at all, have been weak.
He leaves behind a country that is rich in cash and resources, but socially fragmented and intellectually impoverished.
He prided himself on creations as fragmented as he believed society to be.
The funeral pyres, once piled more than a meter high, are now nothing but smoldering heaps of ash and fragmented bone.
Since then, the rebels and militias have fragmented and turned on one another.
The problem is exacerbated by the city's fragmented government structure.
For decades the beer business has been relatively fragmented, dominated by local tastes and brewers.
After all, the furniture business was highly fragmented.
The more fragmented the field is, the more likely it will be that opposition will be weak.

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