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Each fragment contains microscopic fossils-pieces of plants and fungi.
Plastic bags fragment into small pieces that are polluting our oceans and land, and entering our food chain.
One of the videos briefly showed a tin roof with an obvious dent and a large fragment as well as many smaller pieces.
Lacking the consortium, it was a fragment of what it was.
But radio waves are fairly low energy, and they represent only a fragment of the star's intensity.
They will soon return to recover what may be a fragment of the cosmic object.
It's going to fragment a much larger area with pipelines and roads and facilities.
Transition to a new set of leaders could therefore cause the ruling elite to fragment as new factions gain the upper hand.
They fragment ecosystems, send species into extinction and may even trigger earthquakes.
Cable television changed that by starting to fragment the audience.
Two partial skulls and the fragment of a tibia had previously been discovered in the area.
Those elements are more efficient at radiating heat than hydrogen or helium is, so they help a gas cloud to cool and fragment.
Breaking a code from only a small fragment of text is exceedingly difficult, but the police did their best.
Each fragment was given a mathematical description called a spectrum.
For investors, too many new trading venues may cause liquidity to fragment.
Incongruously, her frenetic movements produce a miniscule lace fragment.
The fragment converters is made and he works strictly under the formulas.
Warming is also causing glaciers to retreat and the ice caps to fragment and melt.
The booster fragment would be too small to pose a threat.
Crystal structure of the complex of diphtheria toxin with an extracellular fragment of its receptor.
Starting as an outstretched chain, the fragment fairly quickly collapsed.
Globalization, rather than bringing us together, is causing us to fragment.
We sliced a cryptic fragment of a logo, with no clues as to what it was from.
Doctors discovered a metal fragment embedded deep in his brain.
He never regained his concentration, and the poem remains an evocative fragment.
Most of the time she uses flat-weave quilters' cotton, but she's been known to raid her closet for an elusive fragment.
By comparing data from each plot before and after it was isolated, scientists have found that the larger the fragment, the better.
By itself, this fragment reportedly measured almost five feet high.
Artifacts unearthed at the site include a stone axe head, a pottery fragment, and an ornamental pin.
But they represent the lower side of professional life and they speak for only the commercial fragment.
Exclusive trading arrangements fragment the regional economy.
It could fragment into different camps with different policy priorities, or with no policy priorities.
She broke into the midst of it with a fragment of some triumphant, jubilant melody.
Some people say the big company is going to fragment.
He preferred the ticket to the trip, the postcard to the place, the fragment to the whole.
Two prongs pushed up from the end of the fragment, while one pushed down in the middle.
If there is an abnormal-size fragment, this could indicate a genetic flaw.
Among the fossils unearthed was a tiny jaw fragment with big implications.
We don't know if that means cartilage damage, ligament fraying or fragment issues.
The tear may be complete, the ligament may be separated from the bone, or the ligament may pull off a bone fragment.
But all that remains when you try to explain is a fragment of song.
The result is a film fragment, but a snug, interesting one.
He argues that this logic will continue to prevail and that the euro area will expand rather than fragment.
The result is an image that begins to fragment and develop artifacts, especially under conditions of low light.
She was alive but eviscerated, her body nearly sliced in two by a mortar fragment.
The object that prompted the evacuation was a fragment of a motor used to launch a satellite.
Among those fossils is a three-inch fragment of the shoulder end of the bird's humerus, the long bone of the upper arm.
The researchers were able to tell the number of repeats in each fragment by determining precisely how far it had moved.
You'd need some sort of database to fragment and index all your new knowledge.
Further up the barrel, and the bullet may not have enough time to accelerate before striking the water, and thus may not fragment.
Other cells react to it by absorbing the tagged fragment.
Any small fragment can be something to work with, should you be so inclined.
Now, had a fragment come down and dented my car, a call to the police would be in order.
Or else everyone will only see a fragment of the problem and point fingers at each other.
As he mounted a ladder to scale the walls he was struck on the head by a fragment of rock, which the besieged threw down upon him.
Some cut a piece from a leaf and drop it to the ground, while others carry the leaf fragment to a depot.
Then there was another fragment about holding a dog on a leash.

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