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Each color rod represents a different length, and they are used to help elementary students master simple addition and fractions.
In rare cases, he said, small fractions of premiums helped to finance student health services.
The other day, one of our math faculty bemoaned the fact that incoming students could not add fractions.
In the process of cutting the mold by hand, the size was off by mere fractions of an inch.
But it could also be water soluble fractions, inhalation, and eating contaminated food.
They are hermaphrodites and range in size from fractions of an inch to yards in length.
Nonetheless, they got unresolved, because the different fractions cannot agree upon essential issues.
Such could cut an aircraft or a ship in half in fractions of a second.
Electrons, protons and neutrons only travel fractions of the speed of light.
Low efficiency plants are required because they spool up in fractions of seconds.
It would seem that fractions of wavelengths of other frequencies would be picked up too.
All fifteen elements in the series are radioactive and have half-lives ranging from fractions of seconds to billions of years.
Six atoms may seem minuscule--especially if they exist for only fractions of a second--but they can have huge implications.
He took extracts from the eggs and separated the chemicals inside them into ever narrower fractions.
If you look at the initial diagnosis date, it's clear they're representing fractions.
In the future nano probes will do what the bulky ones do now locally and could be built for fractions of the price.
The metric system is for people who can't handle fractions.
Unfortunately the naysayers don't really understand small fractions.
These proved not to matter much, with each common variant linking to miniscule fractions of disease risk.
Players can now also appeal fines for certain on-field in fractions.
At first glance, the dispute appears to be over tiny fractions of a percentage point in long-range forecasts.
Have students work in groups to generate a list of equivalent fractions.

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