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The unpaved section is a fraction of the total distance but takes a disproportionate amount of time.
The guess is then that fraction multiplied by the number of airplanes in, say, the current ten- or fifteen-minute window.
If they did, they couldn't afford to hire even a fraction of the number of adjuncts that they need.
Two are astronomical: the fraction of stars with planets and the mean number of habitable planets per star.
The problem crops up when you look at the number of job gains as a fraction of losses.
If only a tiny fraction of that number came back and became subscribers, circulation would explode.
He multiplies the number of people born each year by his own age and by the fraction who are in his age range.
It is a significant sum but a relatively small fraction of the world's total economic output.
Yet for the small fraction of faculty members who do encounter such pressures, academic freedom makes a major difference.
It's not how many divorces you have in total, but the fraction of marriages ending in divorce.
Images may be recorded in a fraction of a second or over hours of time.
Activating a small fraction of neurons triggers complete memory.
Only a tiny fraction were absorbed by the stellar gas, and they had so much energy they ripped apart the outer layers of the star.
Taking the items to the grill gives you all the satisfaction with a fraction of the fat.
The proteins in the serum move on the paper to form bands that show the proportion of each protein fraction.
The university would provide to our scholarship recipients only a fraction of what our money was expected to earn each year.
Rainfall is at a fraction of its usual levels, heat at historical highs.
But, still, only a tiny fraction of the population uses it.
Today's population is a tiny fraction of what it once was.
The metal blocks the light, so only a fraction of a sensor's silicon is exposed to light.
E-mail is a fraction of the cost of any other medium, and it goes at the speed of light.
The top half of the dollars-per-hour fraction is indeed fixed.
In theory such a craft could accelerate to a sizable fraction of the speed of light-without carrying fuel.
So, if no miracle is possible, every billionth of billionth of instant must depend from the previous fraction of instant.
The soft-bodied animals, a fraction of an inch long, resemble twigs and gumdrops in shape.
Tons of rock must be dissolved to retrieve a few hundred embryos, none of which are more than a fraction of a millimeter across.
Privatization dissipates a large fraction of workers' contributions on fees to investment companies.
Virtually every new building can be designed to run on a fraction of current energy levels.
Yet only a fraction of the known silk types have been identified at the molecular level.
Only a small fraction of human history is known through texts.
Imagine living on only a tiny fraction of what you eat each day.
Only a tiny fraction of archival material has ever been read, much less digitized.
Studies have since found that only a fraction of illicit payments were revealed.
In a tiny fraction of a second, an incredibly dense fireball exploded to a size many billions of times larger.
Wind and solar can supply only a fraction of the world's energy needs.
The company's business plan calls for it to take a fraction of every sale on the service.
Contracts are won and lost on a fraction of a cent per unit.
There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture.
However, logging the remaining tiny fraction of true old growth forest is foolhardy.
Between labour-market demand and innate ability, probably only a fraction of the population benefit economically from doing so.
But a thousand genomes is only a small fraction of the diversity that exists in the microscopic world.
As a result, the new power plant really does emit only a tiny fraction of the pollutants from an ordinary coal plant.
And they do so at a fraction of the fuel and cost of aircraft.
Venture capitalists fund only a small fraction of start-ups.
Contracts are sealed with initial payments that are a small fraction of the potential gain or loss.
The print table is then lowered by a fraction of a millimetre and the process repeated, with a different mask if required.
What fraction of the whole that represents is unclear.
Only a small fraction of infected hosts spread the worm.
Its resolution is sufficient to show dense concentrations of plankton measuring a fraction of a millimeter.
For them, even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between gold and silver.
He was half way over when a taxi charged at him, swerved and nipped a fraction of an inch off his tail.
The estate has dwindled to a fraction of what it was originally.
Perhaps consider those in the humanities that make a tiny fraction of what you make.
The fins are available commercially and they are a small fraction of the cost.
The furnishings will be donated and sold for a fraction of their original prices.
But it is unlikely to generate more than a fraction of the required amount.
All but a tiny fraction of the planet's primitive organisms.
Only a tiny fraction of diamonds ever came from conflict areas.
But violent clashes account for only a fraction of the deaths suffered by native communities at the hands of outsiders.
Power stations costing a fraction of the nuclear ones.
The drive allegedly produces a fraction of an ounce of thrust.
Even in wealthy communities, only a fraction of parents are aware of the academic failure of their children.
The community colleges serve well but can handle only a fraction of the total need and have no means to ramp up to do more.
Such legal betting is only a small fraction of the total.
It's plenty powerful for his needs, and it takes up a fraction of the room a traditional press would.
The energy released by a sprite amounts to a fraction of what comes from a lightning bolt.
Testing in a cell costs a fraction of testing in people or animals.
Months of drought followed by abrupt downpours have cut the country's harvest to a fraction of its expected size.
But he disputed a media report suggesting the university would get only a small fraction of the total amount.
Only a tiny fraction of wild plants and animals were both useful and possible to domesticate.
No doubt, however, this has sometimes happened and may account for a fraction of one percent of all altruistic acts.
Prepay a small per-minute rate, and you'll be able to ring up cell and land lines for a fraction of normal prices.
In a large fraction of the population, only at certain places is one letter replaced by another.
Patients in the study who responded well to the drugs included a large fraction of never smokers.
When every predator has been sated, only a fraction of the brood has been lost.
The scientists postulate that these beams actually emit only a tiny fraction of the total radiation.
Information access represents the tiniest fraction of what it means to be educated.
Farmers might become entirely energy-independent, running all their machinery directly from a fraction of their crops.
Indeed, inflation declined by about the same fraction of the initial inflation rate across episodes.
For many products, labour is a small and diminishing fraction of total costs.
But a small fraction of drives will fail in any given year, especially under the heavy, continuous use typical of data centres.
In fact, calculations show that protein molecules will explode within a fraction of a second of being placed in such a beam.
Of this population, a fraction or labour participation rate, actively work or seek work.
Amazon won't reveal what percentage of submissions the company accepts, but it's surely only a small fraction.
That's the equivalent light that comes from a standard halogen lamp, at a fraction of the power.
It's a big fraction, but it's a fraction of your world.
He believes only a fraction of the bats may host the virus.
The expansion stretched the universe from a size smaller than an atom to astronomical proportions in a fraction of a second.
He ran so fast that within a fraction of second he sat on a termite mound.
Active volcanoes, however, make up only a small fraction of all mountains of fire.
The firefly is rare, however, in its ability to turn the glow on and off in a fraction of a second.
Fragmented and starving for fresh water, the marsh is now only a fraction of its original size.
Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to compute what fraction of the infinitely many observers perceive what.
The match fixes neither distance nor size but only their ratio, as some fraction of a full circle.
Yet solar power is still a miniscule fraction of all power generation capacity on the planet.
While e-textbook sales are growing, they still account for only a small fraction of overall textbook sales.
We could do more for public health if the government spent a fraction of what it spends curbing smoking on promoting dancing.
There are so many ways you can use your skills in this world, and you are probably aware of only a fraction of them.
Her home is now valued at a fraction of what she paid as a result of the contamination.
Though she was a fraction of his size, she attacked him, too.
It was a fraction of his lifetime, after all, a shard of what he knew.
Only a fraction of the workforce receives unemployment benefits, while pensions are underfunded and haphazardly administered.
The music attracts the reticent fraction of the population.
She did a little trot to arrive at the door a fraction of a second earlier, expressed her thanks and then erupted in laughter.
Only a fraction of the good stuff winds up getting played.
But these groups represent a tiny fraction of the total workforce.
Since such folks have more fulfilling job options, a larger fraction of them would end up really happy.
Factory employment has fallen by roughly the same fraction.
Some evidence already suggest that these extremes exist in a layer that may be only a fraction of an inch deep.
There is no way negotiations will cost a fraction of that sum.
But all of these people are working for a fraction of what they could be earning.
Nineteen refused to buy it, and the twentieth dealer offered only a fraction of the purchase price.
Only a fraction of those homeowners is delinquent, but certainly none of them is pleased about being underwater.
Land owners at full gluttony can eat no more than a small fraction of potential output, and they cannot store the surplus.
Yet, federal prisons only account for a fraction of prisoners.
It does not depend upon the fraction of our consumption that is imported.
Future benefits are discounted because they will be a diminishing fraction of future wealth.
Yet only a tiny fraction of this activity is devoted to politics or public affairs.
Of those participating in the contestation only a small fraction chose terrorism.
If you subject people to various kinds of inhumane and abusive treatment, some fraction will go bonkers.
It used to be that news outlets had space to report or comment on only a fraction of any day's events.
They know there is food in the villages, and predators will be able to pick off only a fraction of them.
But as high as this figure may seem, it reflects only a fraction of the truth.
Only a tiny fraction of the brain is dedicated to conscious behavior.
After a tiny fraction of a second, they fall apart into other things.
Some fraction is also being spent on buildings, and that's also good.
Some fraction of the material in the disk eventually winds up building a planetary system.
Worse, this is reduced by a sizeable fraction due to the inescapable energy costs of fertilizer and transport.
Clearly, it is only possible to model these objects in simulations that cover a large fraction of the universe.
Absolutely no way the meagre amount of leftover cooking oil will ever supply more than a fraction of a percent of fuel demand.
Such plants could be built for a fraction of the cost of the current large-scale regional ones.
Twitter activity is a only fraction of percent of that activity.
If you can convert a fraction of that, you can power a device.
Increasing the pore size of the zeolites would allow a larger fraction of crude oil to be converted into useful products.
The half-lives of the numerous fission products vary from a fraction of a second to many years.
Only a small fraction of natural gas goes into fertilizer production.
These guys say that the amount of light that snow and ice reflects depends on the fraction emitted at different wavelengths.
They're starved for space, crushed down to a fraction of their original size.
On the day of this first unexpected default, the value of the other homes in its neighborhood ticked down a fraction.
But it represents only a fraction of those who have died since the crossings began.
Career and technical education could be expanded at a fraction of the cost of college subsidies.
They have access to food at a fraction of the price.
Unsurprisingly, these foods make up only a tiny fraction of the foods the world's largest retailer actually sells.

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