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Abbott entices the reader to imagine how our own world would relate to a fourth spatial dimension.
One fourth to one half of the annual rainfall percolates downward, becoming groundwater.
The messages in the first three were pretty easy, but the fourth threw a few of you.
Or it may be that they belong to a fourth domain of living organism.
But the biggest surprise of all was reserved for the fourth article in the series.
Grow tomatoes in the same bed only every third or fourth year.
He is the author of three books and at work on his fourth.
While that's hardly unusual in academe, what is unusual is that it was my fourth attempt.
Still, the third film was enough of a success that a fourth installment was put into development.
But only this week, with the show's fourth episode, has the animation regained its original pulpy look.
The second contains the next highest, the third the next, and the fourth the lowest.
Go straight up and emerge from the second set, cross over to the third, and go up to the fourth.
It is the fourth major infractions case for the university and the third for the football program.
The fourth part will take a long time to complete: it will involve new treaties and approval by parliaments and voters.
In the fourth part he discusses his past and divulges why he switched to a career in science after eight years in medicine.
By fourth grade he was falling behind academically, and his parents.
The fourth in this do-it-all series presents bike touring done the easy way.
The planet's fourth-smallest nation, they say, faces extinction because of climate change.
The director left things open for a fourth installment, but mercifully the series was left to wither.
They settled there, but around a fourth of the tribe died on the way, because they had no provisions over the winter.
During the introspective, achingly beautiful fourth movement, an audience member's cellphone loudly rang.
The fourth inauguration was conducted without fanfare.
Close to its origin each gives off an ascending branch, which ends at the side of the fourth ventricle.
About the fourth year, a center appears in the middle of the head, and soon extends into the styloid process.
Remove a portion of centre, leaving a rim one-fourth inch wide.
If all goes according to plan, they will soon be joined by a fourth.
Fourth, hedge funds were big players in the dividend-swap market and were forced to cut all their positions last autumn.
It is also the fourth-biggest ethanol producer itself.
The safety-net beneath the euro zone's third- and fourth-biggest economies is flimsy, and investors know it.
The two countries are respectively the third and fourth biggest military spenders in the world.
He is the fourth year of his program and is starting to become understandably frustrated with the process.
The fourth wall of the television makes far too many of us spectators rather than participants.
At its last meeting, the group reviewed plans for a new public university, the country's fourth.
The language has to be a little more concrete than some of the examples given here to be meaningful to a fourth-grader.
When a fourth student tried to criticize the majority decision, the others laughingly disagreed.
Form, another demon, caused keyboards to make an annoying clicking sound on the twenty-fourth of each month.
Fourth-this might come as a surprise-do not leave knives on the table, ever.
Distribute a fourth transparency sheet to each group.
The fourth pit is empty, a testament to the original unfinished construction.
They are gray-brown and have distinctive tail fins that can be up to one-fourth their total length.
If a group has three students, have each student make one map and then ask the entire group to collaborate on the fourth map.
Next to three small fingers is a fourth that extends ten times the length of the other digits.
So my goal this year is to improve my fourth-place standing.
Recklessly starving the world's fourth-largest lake to irrigate crops turned rich waters into a barren wasteland.
If you add fourth vector velocity to the photon it will then be the same as all photons with that fourth vector velocity.
The researchers injected cocaine into a fourth group.
New, flat, high-strength steel belts of similar strength may be less than one-fourth-inch thick.
Unless much of it is released in forms available to subsequent crops, recycling at best slows depletion by a fourth.
It doesn't really matter what the terms are, but it went down to a fifth of that today or fourth of that.
Fourth, the flow of capital into sustainable fuels applies downward pressure on oil prices today.
Cut off and discard top fourth of garlic head, then wrap garlic tightly in foil.
There was to have been a fourth hotel, whose opening has been delayed indefinitely.
But the economy steadied itself in the third and fourth quarters.
Neither is a model anyone with a desire to preserve the fourth estate should strive to emulate.
It describes a fourth possibility: electromagnetic interference from one or more of the ten military craft that were in the area.
Three hold one opinion, while the fourth has the opposite view.
The room had three solid walls, with the fourth wall consisting of metal bars separating it from a larger room.
Three of them are known to have been killed, and the fourth is presumed dead.
One possibility was that she had left through her fourth-floor window.
The conference room sits at the top of the staircase that connects the third and fourth floors.
The job would have earned him his third star and maybe fourth.
So traveling back in time is nothing more or less than the fourth-dimensional version of walking in a circle.
Then--between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy--the blood vessels in the placental tissue break down and bleeding begins.
It had moved a hair more by the time they took a third image, and again for a fourth.
Much will be made about the line, which had its fourth starting combination in five games.
After all, her own father had three wives by the time she was in fourth grade.
The vehicle is a perfect symbol of the family's tenuous grip on reality: only the third and fourth gears are functioning.

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