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Please read about the doings of the church in the eleventh to fourteenth century.
But it was possibly a toss-up-the scale hung almost even in that formative fourteenth century.
He began his course of philosophy at twelve years of age, and his theology at the end of his fourteenth year.
Ossification begins in the medial epicondyle about the fifth year, and in the lateral about the thirteenth or fourteenth year.
Already, before the end of the fourteenth century, many of the old inns had become annexed to colleges.
The only notable order of fourteenth century society that escapes censure altogether is that of the monks.
In the fourteenth century, a time of xenophobia, they were interested and curious.
Mark is responsible for the fourteenth century, although not for much longer, since he's about to get fired.
The legend sung in this carol probably dates from the fourteenth century.
As it turns out, though, they left in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.
Respondent's fourteenth affirmative defense as inadequately pled.

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