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Fourteen galleries feature dynamic, changing exhibitions.
Fourteen coprolites at the caves resembled human coprolites based on size, shape and other physical features.
They came in many sizes from nine hands to fourteen hands in height.
Fourteen of those were parrots, one was an elephant.
Every corner of the field was brightly illuminated by a total of fourteen lamps.
Their skin rusts in the midnight sun and fourteen of them scrunch on a chunk.
It comes pre-loaded with fourteen extensions, designed to make use of the browser more productive.
Fourteen remained in the trial and were still using the devices three to four years later, she said at the meeting.
At twelve and thirteen and fourteen, the ability to think ahead beyond the present moment is pretty lacking.
When our nation was founded, copyright was set at fourteen yrs.
Fourteen-inch ankle zippers go on over boots and the performance fit keeps them trim and out of the way.
Fourteen years later, things have not substantially improved.
Fourteen shops sold waterdogs, all of which were sampled in their study.
Gradually the size of his group grew-from four to eight to fourteen to twenty.
Since she is already fourteen, she should work in the quarry with the rest of her people.
Fourteen months of protests created havoc in the flat farmlands of the south-east and south-west, and claimed scores of lives.
Fourteen years of stable growth have kept unemployment down.
Fourteen years on, you would struggle to buy a new camera that uses film.
Even the best of today's digital printers would need a fourteen-fold increase in speed to do such a job.
Fourteen fighters have been revealed so far for the crossover.
Fourteen people initially were hospitalized, according to city and hospital officials.
Fourteen countries accused of failing to do enough to stop human trafficking.
Fourteen clues in this crossword have gone time-tripping.
Fourteen years later, the government went much further, ordering the utilities to open their transmission lines to all comers.
There are currently fourteen dinosaurs to choose from, with more promised in future updates.
The struggle between these rival systems has now lasted for some fourteen centuries.
Simple in conception, it consisted of interviews with fourteen seven-year-old children.
There have now been more than fourteen similar studies, and without exception they arrive at this same conclusion.
None was to be admitted under the age of ten or above fourteen.
Of this house the length outside is one-and-twenty cubits, the breadth is fourteen cubits, and the height eight.
By this means, he succeeded in gathering together about thirty thousand printed volumes, and fourteen thousand manuscripts.
It was fourteen years ago that the service manager first suggested dawn-picked corn to his clients.
Making a fourteen-gallon batch of the essence is a day-long job.
Fourteen years from now, there will be eight billion people on the planet.
Fourteen percent were ready to perform all eight of them.
The study was small, only including fourteen whales, and therefore preliminary.
Fourteen percent of the entire land system is covered by water.
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started.
During this fourteen-year period, climate scientists successfully forged a powerful consensus on human-caused climate change.
They have been shown to scale up through an astonishing fourteen orders of magnitude.
He was thrown out on the streets when he was fourteen and forced to do all kinds of things to survive.
Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep twelve, fourteen hours a day.
The other condition, one he has written little about before, was his getting polio at the age of fourteen.
Married with three children, he lives with his parents and sister's family-fourteen people crammed into a single-bedroom hovel.
Even the warden and corrections officers attest that for fourteen years she's been a model prisoner.
Thirteen of the fourteen endorsed it for publication.
Employment of minors fourteen or fifteen years of age.
Employment of minors fourteen or fifteen years of age.
Fourteen students died in the fire, prompting rare public criticism of the group.

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