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The consequences of burning fossil fuels are already apparent.
Governments are trying to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels.
It will continue to expand as major manufacturers develop a range of high-speed trains using technology based on non-fossil fuels.
Developing nations are going gangbusters using fossil fuels, so they are eclipsing any savings that the rich nations are making.
The recipe for making cement calls for heating the limestone, which requires fossil fuels.
Must have been all the fossil fuels to heat the caves and mud huts, along with the gas powered oxen.
Oberlin's environmental-studies program introduced him to the problems of fossil fuels and the notion of alternative fuels.
The last few sentences of a research paper proposal about the potential for wind energy to replace fossil fuels.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
Right now, the overwhelming majority of our energy production comes from burning fossil fuels.
Most people see climate change as an incidental side-effect when caused by burning fossil fuels.
Before fossil fuels became ubiquitous, plants-in the form of firewood-were one of humanity's main sources of power.
By the same token it lets those nations avoid the climate damage that those fossil fuels inflict when burned.
We simply can't afford to burn all the planet's fossil fuels.
The convenience of fossil fuels is actually an argument for conserving them.
They'd be elated to nix fossil fuels from their portfolios.
Nor did the tremendous challenge of scaling up these technologies to displace fossil fuels enter the debate.
It is long past time to stop messing around and start a real, meaningful effort to eliminate fossil fuels entirely.
Today scientists know that deforestation, land use and the burning of fossil fuels are warming our planet.
Apart from hydroelectricity, it is the only base-load source that does not require burning fossil fuels.
Burning fossil fuels and being and industrial country are not mutually inclusive.
It is obtained from the hydrocarbon cracking of fossil fuels.
The heating involved in algae breakdown also comes from fossil fuels.
While operating the vehicles produces few emissions, production of the electricity to power them currently relies on fossil fuels.
In addition to fertilizers, the other primary culprit is the consumption of fossil fuels.
Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production.
The biggest culprit is the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles.
Optimists say solar power could become as economical and efficient as fossil fuels.
Burning fossil fuels increases the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Often the amount of ethanol created is equal to or less than the amount of fossil fuels needed to run the facility.
Increased reliance on automobiles means more pollution, more traffic, more use of fossil fuels.
Homegrown energy may also lessen the impact on the environment by avoiding fossil fuels.
It won't be easy for a world addicted to fossil fuels to limit emissions.
Lowering the thermostat in cold weather helps reduce consumption of the fossil fuels needed to maintain room temperature.
They also search for deposits of valuable metals, other minerals, and reserves of fossil fuels such as petroleum.
Instead of using limited fossil fuels, bioplastics are made from biopolymers.
The energy you use at home has an impact on the environment: many energy sources are generated by burning fossil fuels.
And though it's the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels, it's still a fossil fuel.
The parallels between tobacco and fossil fuels are not exact, of course not.
Even without a handy hot spot, the ground can be tapped to reduce our need for fossil fuels.
Some computer simulations suggest that the global warming induced by burning fossil fuels could alter ocean temperatures.
Photosynthesis, of course, is the original source of fossil fuels.
Taxing fossil fuels does not reduce our need for them.
It is not true that the net climb is entirely attributable to humans burning fossil fuels.
Including any provisions that give incentives to produce more fossil fuels contradicts a bill aimed at combating global warming.
The hydrogen would be derived from fossil fuels while researchers explore other methods of production.
Clearly, fossil fuels have got to be phased out, as quickly as possible.
It is powered by fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, and chemicals.
Large-scale solar power plant developers lost a decade in their race to compete with fossil fuels.
In terms of energy production, fossil fuels are quite powerful.
In time, as fossil fuels become more limited in supply, their prices will rise.
And the way to simplify it is to put the cap on the fossil fuels, not on different industries.
In the realm of plastics, that would be the push to develop polymers that come from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.
Hydrogen is a secondary fuel, more comparable to electricity than to fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are the backbone of economies worldwide, so governments spend a lot to support them.
Steam engine burning fossil fuels are actually more efficient than internal combustion.
Hydrogen fuel must be extracted from fossil fuels or water--both energy-consuming processes.
Fossil fuels benefit from over a century of scaling up and improvement.
There is no way enough land to replace our current consumption of fossil fuels with biofuels.
For one thing, fossil fuels enjoy too many direct and indirect subsidies.
Called cogeneration, it's a relatively easy way to get far more use out of the energy in coal or other fossil fuels.
It's a zero-emissions model that could vastly reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels.
From the tone of your argument, it is apparent that you believe that burning fossil fuels is bad for the planet.
Yet, we've got a long way to go before wave power makes any sort of dent in our need for fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are both the fuels of our past and fuels for the future.
Contrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs.
Fossil fuels are the nation's principal source of electricity.
The energy products harvested periodically over time will displace fossil fuels, allowing them to be left in the ground.
Our modern society relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.
Most furnaces and boilers burn fossil fuels such as heating oil or natural gas, which emit greenhouse gases.
The employee of tomorrow makes the morning commute sans fossil fuels.
But they see no alternative to shifting away from fossil fuels.
We remain almost wholly dependent on fossil fuels and wholly over-dependent on imported oil.

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