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These fossil remains of dead cases are fast disappearing from the language.
Contrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs.
The claim is also a new volley in a long-running conflict over who has found the oldest fossil.
Discovering an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuel.
This, however, is the first example of a two-headed fossil reptile.
The orangutan is actually the only great ape that has a fossil record.
Skepticism about a fossil cast as a missing link in human ancestry.
Our fossil collection is already the world's largest.
Archaeopteryx's status as the forerunner of modern birds is crumbling in the face of a new, closely-related fossil.
In this lesson, students model geologic principles related to relative dating and the fossil record.
But could a quicker series of global cataclysms have created the fossil layer in shorter amount of time.
Other sorts of implicit fiscal advantage enjoyed by fossil fuels are even harder to quantify.
The principal part of a famously fabricated dinosaur fossil is an ancient fish-eating bird, scientists report.
There is always plenty of work to do at a fossil dig, but every now and then there's a lull in the activity.
Lovelock himself is scathing about many of the proposals to replace our dependence on fossil fuels.
The fundamental problem is this: there is a finite amount of fossil fuel.
The discovery suggests that many other fossil bones may contain well-preserved remnants of bone marrow, the scientists say.
We don't usually give much thought to who discovered a fossil.
Fossil trackways are simultaneously wonderful and frustrating things.
His investigation of the fossil record leads to this insight.
We simply can't afford to burn all the planet's fossil fuels.
Fossil hunters may have discovered the fish that made humans possible.
Fossil dinosaur tracks don't often get the same popular attention that skeletons do.
When all relevant factors are accounted for, biofuels produce more greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.
There are alternatives to coal and other fossil fuels.
Another juicy find is the fossil of a giant wombat the size of a small car.
Weaning humanity from its fossil fuel habit will take decades, and it will take decades more for global warming to stop.
Fossil bodies might get into such rock by sinking to the sea floor.
So the scientists often don't know precisely where the fossil was dug up.
Forcing emissions to decline will require changing the way the world uses fossil fuels.
Before fossil fuels became ubiquitous, plants-in the form of firewood-were one of humanity's main sources of power.
Measuring diversity in the fossil record can be a tricky task.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
Paleontologists are awaiting further details about these fossil footprints.
Finding an articulated fossil skeleton is always a delight for paleontologists.
Fossil collecting typically is a pretty solitary exercise.
The catch is that fossil flowers and fruits are rare compared with leaves.
So frustrating that so little fossil material has been found.
There are few things more nerve-wracking for paleontologists than fossil auctions.
Fossil trackways have shown paleontologists that some sauropod dinosaurs moved together in herds.
The scientists did not isolate a virus from a fossil.
In this lesson, students create mock fossil records based on current scientific theories about prehistory.
Most cost calculations neglect the effect of diversifying our energy supply on fossil fuel prices.
The last few sentences of a research paper proposal about the potential for wind energy to replace fossil fuels.
Fossil suggests evolutionary order requires revision.
There is a growing need for energy in the world, and fossil fuels will dominate the energy mix for decades to come.
Separating fossil ancestors from collateral relatives is no simple task.
That's all fossil fuels are anyway-ancient concentrations of solar energy.
It's unlikely, though, since there is absolutely no fossil or other evidence to even remotely suggest this.
Fossil teeth, and the occasional skeleton, show that small mammals were common at this time.
Paleontologists are constantly reminding themselves of the incompleteness of the fossil record.
If making energy from sunlight is ever to become as cheap as burning fossil fuels, the price of silicon will have to fall.
They also cling to a fossil system of numerals in stating ages.
Oberlin's environmental-studies program introduced him to the problems of fossil fuels and the notion of alternative fuels.
Most of the electricity that powers the world's refrigerators is generated by burning fossil fuel.
Green technology, especially in automobiles, may get a big boost from higher fossil-fuel prices.
It's a fairly well-established technology that can be deployed at the same size as fossil-fuel plants.
It is powered by fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, and chemicals.
It is heavily underwritten by casino and fossil-fuel money.
Of course, there are also explicit subsidies to fossil fuel producers.
By the same token it lets those nations avoid the climate damage that those fossil fuels inflict when burned.
In particular, many researchers are working on alternative sources of energy that do not require the consumption of fossil fuels.
Some really beautiful specimens have disappeared into private collections through this fossil trade here.
The consequences of burning fossil fuels are already apparent.
It will continue to expand as major manufacturers develop a range of high-speed trains using technology based on non-fossil fuels.
Mammals have been flying as long as birds, according to research on a newfound fossil.
Governments are trying to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels.
Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor.
Nor did the tremendous challenge of scaling up these technologies to displace fossil fuels enter the debate.
Scientists dispute fossil's significance to the extinction debate.
Scientists were not the first people to wonder about the fossil footprints.
Maybe the fossil fuel industry is simply too powerful.
Paleontologists have found their sleeping beauty: the first dinosaur fossil discovered in a birdlike sleeping pose.
And though it's the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels, it's still a fossil fuel.
At first he thought he had found a chimpanzee fossil.
Fossil bones are wonderful for understanding anatomy, but they are inherently static.
The pattern of their behavior suggested by the fossil record, he finds, closely matches that of today's crocodiles.
Fossil fuels are the backbone of economies worldwide, so governments spend a lot to support them.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
Fossil fuels benefit from over a century of scaling up and improvement.
The concomitant profits will only rise as fossil fuels are used and depleted.
The burning of fossil fuels has always released some nasty chemicals into the air.
There is no way enough land to replace our current consumption of fossil fuels with biofuels.
Coal would be a poor solution as well are running low on that fossil fuel as well.
Windmills may finally be ready to compete with fossil-fuel generators.
The new transportation technology was the fossil fuel powered vehicle.
After a century's dominance, the fossil-fuel-powered internal combustion engine is facing serious challengers.
The premise of the hydrogen economy is that hydrogen will replace fossil fuels as transport fuel.
And the process of making ethanol from these materials consumes less fossil fuel.
So far, the efforts that have gone into building solar panels and wind turbines haven't decreased worldwide fossil fuel use.
For one thing, fossil fuels enjoy too many direct and indirect subsidies.
It's a zero-emissions model that could vastly reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels.
From the tone of your argument, it is apparent that you believe that burning fossil fuels is bad for the planet.
Hopefully other plans of his to reduce fossil fuel usage will be more realistic.
Cogeneration is a favorite environmental initiative of fossil fuel companies.
The employee of tomorrow makes the morning commute sans fossil fuels.
The word fossil makes many people think of dinosaurs.
Fossil fuels are the nation's principal source of electricity.

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