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Forty years ago the trouble there amounted to a territorial dispute between two fairly secular tribes.
Forty years ago this month the lunar surface reverberated with life for the first time.
The revolution in medicine that spans those forty years in nearly exponential ways, and continues going forward.
Forty years ago, researchers developed a programming language that would become a brilliant educational tool.
Forty years ago, instantaneous global communication was possible but costly, and restricted to governments and large corporations.
First, the basket of goods is completely different now than it was forty years ago so it is not comparable.
Forty percent of the continent's fish species are at risk of extinction.
Forty years ago social psychologists tried to figure out what made prejudiced people tick.
Forty years as an educator have taught me there is a great difference between schooling and education.
Forty boulders, known as grandfather rocks, greet visitors around the museum.
Forty years after the moon landing, there are some out there who adamantly believe that the whole thing was a big hoax.
Forty years later, there seems to be no cure in sight.
Forty more units continue to operate across the nation.
Too late for surviving merchant seamen who lost forty years of health benefits, education, or insurance benefits.
The planet seemed to be bigger, richer, more resilient forty years ago.
Forty percent registered some level of alcohol on the meters.
Forty thousand pounds of silver encrusted the sanctuary.
Forty years of testing confirms that there are no surprises.
The idea of falsifiability is simply a philosophical position taken about forty years ago.
The big corporation has held the patent for more than forty hears and has made billions of dollars.
Forty years in therapy, she opines, did him no good at all.
The nature of corporate finance changed dramatically in the last forty years.
Forty percent of the course is on a joint-saving dirt road that wends through parkland.
Forty years on, she is more than emblematic, she is iconic.
Forty years on, both countries appear to be nearing an agreement to solve the insoluble-by swapping territory.
Forty is often a moment for an individual to pause and take stock.
When it makes it up to forty the locals will start buying them too.
Forty embryos were produced, and resulted in five pregnancies and three live births.
And in winter it is seriously cold, forty below at times.
There are easily forty or more art galleries in town.
Forty years ago it became fashionable to use synthetic resins to fill the holes and coat the surfaces of decaying statuary.
The fact that forty scientists participated in this study hasn't added credibility to its conclusions.
Forty-three years ago, a vast honeycomb of coal mines at the edge of the town caught fire.
Forty-one graduate and undergraduate programs were slated for closure at the outset.
But, well, that economic fact was one that was plain to see a hundred years ago and forty years ago and today.
Second, students now can drop course much later in the semester than they could forty or fifty years ago.
Yes, of course, community colleges don't saddle their failed students with forty grand in student loans.
Forty-nine million years ago dinosaurs were long extinct and mammals on the ascent.
Forty-five minutes later they heard it again, made a recording, and played it back.
She may have won the gold medal forty-three years ago, but she has still got it.
He is said to have been drowned at the age of forty through the breaking of the ice in spring.
Bake from thirty-five to forty minutes in a slow oven.
Bake forty-five to fifty minutes in deep, narrow pans.
Vol-au-vents require for baking forty-five minutes to one hour.
At the age of forty he tried to look ahead and plan out his life as far as he could.
Bake in a buttered and floured cake pan thirty-five to forty minutes.
My nose was to the grindstone and stayed there for a full forty years.
Forty odd million people still don't have health insurance coverage.
He could see the preceding rig roll out to forty feet and then it began to brake at the same rate as his rig.
Sixty percent of the budget comes from the government, while the other forty comes from grants and industry partnership.
Forty percent of federal taxes come through the payroll tax, which raises the cost of employment.
But effective tax rates on the bottom forty percent have declined for a half century.
Finally game wardens moved in and shot forty-nine mule deer that refused to leave the area.
Today's proclamation came almost as an anti-climactic end to a forty-two-year struggle for statehood.
He has worked at the same company for forty-plus years, and is now retiring.
If you make enough money to only work forty hours and have three days off you are making too much money.
These days her cycle is anywhere from twenty seven to forty days long.
Forty-one college students with golf experience were divided into two groups.
Forty percent of pediatric concussions seen in emergency rooms involve high school students.
Our doctors only study forty hours of pharmacy in four years of medical school.
And forty years later, champions of programs that don't work still chafe.
It wasn't because he was approaching old age-he was only forty-eight.
Meanwhile, the percentage of high-school seniors who have used pot has remained steady, between forty and fifty per cent.
Luckily for the forty-six workers orchestrating the night's quick conversion, this stadium is made to morph.
The result is a forty-three-story paradox: an understated palazzo.
As a control sample, the scientists gave the same puzzles to forty-eight students working by themselves.
And, since the late nineteen-eighties, that price gap has widened by almost forty per cent.
Maybe if they put in forty percent, it'll taste better and you're on your way.
It was a town of forty-three thousand people, surrounded by seas of corn.
Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life.
It had taken her to the age of forty to achieve domestic tranquility, but there was still a flaw in this idyll.
After he has signed autographs for forty-five minutes, it is time for the photo shoot.
Alternately tough-talking and professional, the district attorney is about forty.
The principal minus was that his plane carried only enough fuel for nine hours and forty minutes of flight.
His urge to describe his epic journey more than forty years after its end was a deeply natural one.
The next doubling, to four billion, took only forty-four years.
Indeed, he wasn't even minimally reliable during the second half of his forty-two-year surgical career.
Now he is an insurance agent on the fast track to forty.
Life expectancy in the typical poor country has risen from forty-eight years to sixty-eight years over the past four decades.
She shows every sign of having become more frightened over the past forty years.
Thanks to this higher standard, only forty-five on the original list would have made its latest version.
Forty-one were covered with bacteria, some with a resistant staphylococcus strain.
Forty percent had the disease, and a similar number revealed evidence of a brush with the virus.
But six legs are a quandary, and forty-four formidable.
To me the creepiest thing is that ten minutes in the lab can override thirty or forty years of experience.
Fearing social interactions, forty percent had been housebound for over a week.
Forty-three revealed impressions of basketry and textiles.
We've observed rising global temperatures over the past thirty or forty decades with each getting successively hotter.
For now, the team doesn't know why the cavefish have evolved to catch ten winks instead of the standard forty.
The effects have been in place for only forty years and already the results are astounding.
Forty-five of them developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, and three died.
Forty-eight million years ago, some ants marched up to a leaf and gripped it tight in their jaws.
Forty percent of the people living today will get cancer at some point in their lives.
There were a hundred and forty seven us, every one drinking red hot molten lava and swirling it about our mouths with our tongues.

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