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The last of the moo shu pork is devoured and the fortune cookies arrive: fate in folded wafers.
Fortune and fame can be fleeting, and if you pursue them above all else you are fostering unhappiness in your life.
And looking at the past decade as a whole, fortune has clearly smiled on fortune-builders.
That's not irresponsible, people have to accept that you cannot go around blaming others for their poor fortune.
Celebrating a magazine's good fortune and a nation's.
Foundations and universities have spent a fortune producing freely available online course materials.
Since antiquity it has known many reversals of fortune.
But even in the face of adversity, lucky people turn bad breaks into good fortune.
Cootie catchers are a popular means of fortune telling, but their accuracy is somewhat suspect.
Your husband's commitment eventually paid off, thankfully, though many others will not experience the same good fortune.
The contrasting switches of fortune do not end there.
Make your own fortune cookies for your friends and family.
Besides, it's my good fortune to find any humor in a faculty meeting.
That's when the bird's fortune turned-for the worse.
Messages written on colored paper were tucked inside the fortune cookie-style candy.
Our response should be to adapt to any changes and thank our good fortune for living during a agreeable period of climate.
All of those who have made a fortune out of green energy.
To be fair, the bank has earned some of that good fortune.
My new duds were sewn from old bolts of cloth, so they cost a fortune.
But even the largest fortune can disappear, especially when undiversified.
It s a common saying that stock market can change fortune in either way.
And he recently had the good fortune to meet the famous chef and watch him in action.
He had also lost a small fortune in stock and wool investments.
Anyone who has had the good fortune of knowing her cherishes her friendship and spontaneity.
Their bleached bones remained arrayed on the pasture for years as a testament to ill fortune.
No matter how he made his claimed billions, a part of his fortune depends now on his celebrity.
It would be truer to say that behind every great fortune there is a psychological aberration.
And that means smart travelers can vacation on one of these floating cities without spending a fortune.
All they have are fortune predictions based on flawed models and theory.
Many more are influenced by their desire not to spend a fortune on a meal.
Meanwhile, the queen gambled recklessly, ordered expensive jewelry and clothes and spent a fortune on creating her own private.
His good fortune had also brought him a lakeside summer home, a yacht and membership in the country club.
By a piece of incredible good fortune, however, the fissure that opened was a little narrower than his half-sledge.
Someone is making a fortune on the gullibility of people.
Maybe he got a bad fortune cookie when he went to one of their apartments.
The ceremony is said to bring both good fortune and healing powers.
The vicissitudes of both the economy and the job market mean that many hopeful graduate students will not have such good fortune.
So you made a small fortune waiting tables, that's not the case for everyone.
Fortune magazine had a good article about the pit falls of ethanol a few months ago.
Pickens tried to get ahead of the curve by investing his sizable fortune in the future.
Not everyone has the fortune of receiving such an old-fashioned upbringing.
But those that spend a fortune do not, on average, outperform their more parsimonious peers.
Following the financial crisis, efforts are afoot to make it harder for bad bosses to walk away with a fortune.
Besides enriching the world's culture, the firm may also make a fortune.
Its actual staff and private investors stand to make a small fortune from the floatation.
The real disaster was the trauma of fame and fortune.
Innovators generally bring dedication, fame and fortune to their firms rather than striking out on their own.
The communist block also had two bits of good fortune.
It must spend a fortune to keep signing up new subscribers.
She's not an actress or a singer or a misbehaving heiress to a hotel fortune.
Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune on a new camera.
As a result, you can drop a small fortune on five-star accommodations.
Most of us, too, must learn to be content with modest capacity as with modest fortune.
He was actually a spectacular insurance salesman who co-founded an agency and made a fortune.
Happily for him, and the prospects of his eventual fortune, his business interests align perfectly with his personal philosophy.
For many, villainy has provided the surest route to fame and fortune.
Clements, and who will be easily recognized by such as have had the good fortune to meet them abroad.
Fortune tellers are fans, using the technique to read our hopefully bright futures.
They had the good fortune of clear weather and an uncrowded road within gliding range.
Investors on all sides of these transactions were making a fortune.
Even the upper estimate does not show the limit of fortune's frowns.
Speculators were buying up even gutted shells, even tenements so unsound they would require a fortune to fix.
The irony that his good fortune originated with a professional connection seems lost on all.
Progress, though, doesn't have to cost the city a fortune.
And there are times when finding a job comes down to nothing more than good fortune.

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