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Example sentences for fortnight

Every fortnight an elder dies and carries with him or her into the grave the last syllables of an ancient tongue.
Year after year hopefuls declare some outrageous plan to lose a thigh, and usually give it up in about a fortnight.
Within the fortnight, a screaming three-day blizzard would sweep the canyon country.
For on average every fortnight a leader dies and carries with him or her into the grave the last syllables of an ancient tongue.
Suppose there are blizzards that have everyone in a state running heaters and pulling peak load for a fortnight.
Within a fortnight she has won her first game, within a couple of months she is winning regularly.
However, the environment this week is notably worse than it was a fortnight ago.
So, after a fortnight of sometimes constructive discussion, on the eve of the last day a new version was put to the conference.
Yet a fortnight later the country seems on the verge of political deadlock.
What ensued during the following fortnight was part high drama, part vaudeville show.
Unions and environmentalists plan to flood their supporters with pamphlets and calls during the campaign's last fortnight.
At first glance, the events of the past fortnight look mildly encouraging.
The immediate priority remains taming an epidemic that in the past fortnight has got out of control.
They have pumped large amounts of liquidity into the system over the past fortnight, and continued to do so this week.
Such was the fuss that a fortnight ago the government told the director of public prosecutions to reopen the prosecution.
It was followed by another one in a residential area a fortnight later.
He was attacked by dysentery a fortnight afterwards, and in a month he died.
The tragedy will not take place until nearly a fortnight later.
The little story went into three editions within a fortnight, but it now disappoints the hopes excited by its rarity.
None had opened for a fortnight nor would for two months.
The programme was scarcely as interesting as the first of the series, interpreted a fortnight since.
One of them is nearly completed and the other will be finished in about a fortnight.
It will return occasionally for a fortnight, perhaps, but not for long visits.
They can't in a fortnight put together a regulatory body because there are too many governments and too many competing industries.

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