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Example sentences for fortify

The beams fortify the skull and beak, making them extremely strong for up and down jabbing movements.
Supporters say the project would reverse the effects of erosion and fortify the barrier island.
Then lemon juice and peel, to detoxify the body and fortify the liver.
Fortify yourself with a bourbon on the rocks, then ask any server for ghost stories and a quick, informal tour.
And if you doze off in a noisy environment, the cacophony might conceivably fortify recollections you might prefer to forget.
Current efforts to fortify the city's levees won't be enough.
They order construction of new cells to thicken and fortify its walls.
In one sort, scholars use wisdom, learning and high ideals to fortify the citadel of truth.
Metallic iron powder is added to foods to fortify them.
You'll also be able to fortify predetermined spots on the map.
We should also make it mandatory to fortify vitamins and minerals in food stuffs.
Metro said it could fortify its purchasing power in what is the world's third- largest retail market.
Engineers rushed to fix the city's pumps and fortify its levees.
The blind runners must fortify themselves in ways that athletes with sight do not.
Shopping can be exhausting, especially in an unfamiliar country, so fortify yourself with tasty treats from local cooks.
If your plans include tomatoes, especially heirlooms, it's worth considering ways to fortify them.
He broke off a piece and ate it, not with pleasure but to fortify himself for the next fight.
Elemental iron powders are widely used to fortify flour and cereal products.
Fortify gable roofs by bracing the end wall of the gable to resist high winds.
Yet there is little research on the nutritional bioavailability of the various iron sources used to fortify foods today.
They suggested that there should be snacks in the afternoons to fortify people for their work.

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