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In the gently rolling landscape of the suburban commuter train, the middle seat is forsaken territory.
Humans have forsaken nature for binary code, robotics and acceleration.
Secular universities have cynically forsaken biblical studies.
When you turn yourself into a commodity you have forsaken any possibility of self control.
It takes time to build mutual trust, particularly when one party was forsaken by the other in the wee hours of need.
It has a narrow nationalism that has forsaken those values for land and resources.
Or that he had forsaken the satirical hunt altogether.
But few have turned out to be more than vanity projects that are quickly forsaken.
The older, communist ones have been forsaken, and their replacements haven't taken root.
There's plenty of oil lying beneath many forsaken places on this planet.
Normally, neighboring bees would swoop into forsaken hives and steal honey and pollen.
They evidently evolved from well-camouflaged species that must have forsaken their protective coloring.
Since then, the members have forsaken higher education to pursue their music, artful and minimal indie folk.
The prevailing view is that acquisitions are a luxury, to be pursued in good times and forsaken in the bad.
If he could have seen the wrong, he would have forsaken it.
The simplest migration decision, where the cost is the income forsaken due to relocation, will fix ideas.

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