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The committee will outline a situation and ask you to formulate a plan that deals with the problem.
It leads to self-control, the ability to formulate strategies in order to resist impulses.
As in any graduate research seminar, students will use primary materials to formulate a persuasive historical argument.
Having proved the hypothesis wrong, you can formulate a new one.
Learns to formulate new and alternate ideas, approaches, and designs.
We also worked together to formulate milestones to work towards as the time was appropriate.
Most economists observe the world's economies from afar, and try to formulate theories to explain them.
Collect as much pre-trip data as possible-from weather reports to campfire conversation-to formulate a checklist.
The only trouble is that nobody can accurately formulate sure-fire game hits on a consistent basis.
He helped to formulate the mathematics doctoral program at the graduate school.
While you are listening to the papers, formulate a question of your own.
They help challengers formulate a compelling reason why voters should change presidents.
Ask students to formulate a hypothesis based on the demographic data contained on the country information sheet.
Plans are in the works to formulate anti-outsourcing lobby groups.
Not only are dealmakers seeing less business these days, but corporate mergers they helped formulate are crumbling.
It will be a real meeting if you use the time to formulate decisions, not announce them.
But, though the ministries may be smaller, the remaining bureaucrats will still expect to formulate policy.
Students gain the information necessary to formulate their own opinions on ocean-related environmental issues.
Formulate and launch an integrated portfolio of proven, piloted, and emerging energy efficiency technologies and strategies.
They organize teams to investigate, design and formulate ways for them to make more money.
He helped formulate strategy and make investments in industrials and business services companies.
We will also help you to formulate it properly, in the case you did not know what you were asking for.
They've begun to formulate opinions about which toys will be hits, and which ones will merely suck up shelf space.
Even such non-believers, however, are being forced by the market to formulate an online strategy.
In the biggest deals, top lawyers now help formulate much of the strategy.
We can't formulate a policy framework to continue stimulus for normal day to day economic activity.
What should be taught are the fundamentals and how to formulate a question as well as how to conduct research to find the answer.
So let us move forward together and formulate rational immigration laws without partisanship, rancor, or insults.
However, without being open, you couldn't formulate and co-ordinate a response effectively.
They have to formulate foreign and domestic policy based on that.
Formulate and practice an answer for each of the questions.
However a useful solution requires attention to formulate that probably requires more patience than current crisis will provide.
But no one has been able to formulate a basic rule for calving.
The sale of farmland will be regulated by laws the government says it will formulate by the end of the year.
We formulate hypotheses, design controlled experiments, build theories and establish programs and policies based on these beliefs.
In diagnosing cancer, one important use of needles is to determine the stage of the disease and then to formulate treatment.
Thinkers help other people to think, for they formulate what others are thinking.
The explanation which the two authors attempt to formulate on the basis of this collection of examples is peculiarly inadequate.
Some ancient scientists did understand what fossils were, and were able to formulate complex hypotheses based on fossil evidence.
Hall understood that people wanted cards which conveyed personal feelings they were unable to formulate on their own.
Using these structures as starting points, predictors try to formulate how others will differ from these homologues.
We're actually reaching a level where you find yourself imagining questions that a year ago you couldn't even formulate.
The article is a challenge to others to formulate a shared narrative that will enhance the prospects of success.
Afterward he talks to his human owner and attempts to formulate a theology.
Wolfram has not even begun to formulate a similar definition of complexity.
He said it might make sense for the university to formulate a campus-specific policy that makes that clear.
When he entered the room she told him to run the meeting to formulate the response.
Once an active ingredient is approved it doesn't matter how others formulate it.
Science uses facts and logic to explore the world and formulate explanations.
If you want to prove a point, slandering the opposition only shows you aren't able to formulate you're own thoughts rationally.
In his first stage, the people express frustrations by the difficulty to formulate and to express their thoughts.
Some on higher level formulate phrases and an urge to speak out ir write in this chat.
If the theory doesn't hold up, even better because then they get to take the new evidence and formulate a new theory.
It is easy to formulate a theory that gives an accurate answer to a question to which you already have the answer.
As you accomplish these things, you also will put together a portfolio that will help you formulate your career choices.
So my goal in processing that is to formulate this idea.
We are trying to formulate incentives for people to have fewer children.
The advantage is that it enables one to properly formulate aims and helps with decision taking.
Computers are great at deduction but lack the ability to formulate the axioms from which the conclusions are drawn.
Take time out of your day to formulate a logical and reasonable debate.
Taking time to formulate a strategy saves energy later.
Other questions include whether the court itself should formulate detailed decrees and what issues should be dealt with.
Formulate a routine problem given data and conditions.

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