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Ancient forms of tattoo removal included primitive dermabrasion-scraping the skin with rough surfaces, such as sandpaper.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
Ozone forms when sunlight reacts with various pollutants, so concentrations can soar on hot, sunny days.
Traditional rudimentary forms became elegant and sophisticated, and the carvings reveal more attention to craft and detail.
Their shadowy forms shot up a transparent tube and into a tank on a waiting truck.
When insulin levels are high, the liver stops producing glucose and stores it in other forms until the body needs it again.
Such behavior shows contempt for other life forms, verging on decadence.
There are many other forms of invasion of privacy, such as blackmail and the improper use of your personal data.
But my uni has no forms for this, and doesn't require students to waive anything.
Some forms of rejection are less painful than others.
And some forms of technological economic growth may actually be in tension with some of the major themes in environmental science.
Also included is his interest and experience in other forms of teaching, such as outdoor or nature education.
The diversity and queerness of the forms to no small degree mime the arguments themselves.
It seems that during a labor shortage rising wages result in downsizing, offshoring, and other forms of restructuring.
Television was a solitary activity that crowded out other forms of social connection.
As is policy, they had their doctor sign the forms and fax them back to the bank.
In general, our culture looks down upon such spontaneous forms of entertainment.
One continuous piece of curved aluminum forms two-thirds of the case.
As the hot steam condenses on the edges, it refreezes and forms icicles.
As a result, some are suggesting that the results might be the last nail in the coffin for the simplest forms of supersymmetry.
We're developing a new language of video-forms that let us say different things and maybe even think in different ways.
The fossil record showed evidence of life forms that no longer existed.
The life-forms on these pages illustrate realistic adaptations to an environment.
Fungi break down minerals into forms plants can absorb.
Other forms of entertainment have evolved in a similar way.
For these new forms of computing to work well, the different layers must be closely intertwined.
Now that other forms of betting abound, racing inevitably suffers.
Then design some input forms and define the process for getting a project done.
The new laboratory will look at other forms of additive manufacturing, too.
How, exactly, diamond forms is an important question.
In an emerging economy, other forms of innovation can yield bigger dividends.
If a simple polynomial is plotted out on a graph it forms a line.
In the past week the financial crisis has erupted in even more dangerous forms globally.
The forms might be completed by any number of different government agencies, with added input from mining companies.
In practice only firms that have been bailed out will face stiff restrictions on bonuses and other forms of pay.
People use different words with different frequencies when they are telling stories, as compared with other forms of discourse.
It's one of those art forms where the people who do it perfectly are completely invisible.
But the story has a sequel which forms my second illustration.
One may also argue-less persuasively, in my view-against protecting certain forms of public obscenity and defamatory statements.
In partnerships and sole proprietorships, the forms he preferred, the owners ran the business.
So white the sun glanced off in dazzling display to set forms whirling behind your eyelids.
The coating forms a film containing a high level of functional thrombin.
The inferior surface is concave, and forms on either side of the middle line the roof of the lateral ventricle.
Although superficially continuous with the hippocampal gyrus, the uncus forms morphologically a part of the rhinencephalon.
Its external surface forms part of the lunate surface of the acetabulum and a portion of the acetabular fossa.
Nappers also transitioned into deeper forms of sleep faster.
Certain legal business forms limit the number or type of people who can invest in your company.
The temperature at which a crystal forms, and to less extent the humidity of the air, determine the basic shape.
Its importance to weather, however, goes far beyond the various forms that fall on us.
The moisture in the air forms scattered clouds early in the day.
As the air converges in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, it forms an area of higher pressure and is forced to sink.
The dissolved gas forms bubbles around the salt grains, thereby releasing gas.
To understand how a mirage forms, one must first understand how light travels through air.
The different life forms described in the book in detail resemble the anthropological findings.
As soon as the ulcer forms, you can barely move that part of the body.
Single-cell life-forms thrive throughout the world's oceans-and have for hundreds of millions of years.
Guardian proteins, found in all forms of life, keep a wide variety of cellular processes running smoothly.
Plasma forms by charge separation and thus causes electrical differences across vast distances of space.
Inherited forms of anemia may soon be treated by turning on a gene normally active only in the womb.
The tube consists of reddish-brown circular pellets that the rotifer forms in a cilia-lined socket.
At low pressure and temperature, nitrogen forms molecular crystals and becomes an electric insulator.
When the food goes in, the bath solution itself forms a skin of gel around it.
It is one of the oldest forms of art, laden with as many different meanings as there are global cultures.
The process forms a channel through which electricity is transferred as lightning.
As the overlying plate lifts up, it also forms mountain ranges.
All forms of water that fall from the atmosphere are called precipitation.
And all the time new financial life-forms were evolving.
How it's derived almost entirely from old forms but it's not really old.
Other countries used foreign money to fuel various forms of insanity.
The school explained that there had been an error in filling out the forms but that the problem had been subsequently addressed.
The bacteria feeds off sugars in the mouth and forms an acid that begins to eat away at the enamel of the teeth.
When they fail, they fail spectacularly, creating radical new forms of musical kitsch.
They then tried to capture that spectrum of tone color in novel forms that unfolded in shimmering waves.
All political forms, he writes, are best understood as sacred ideas in secular dress.
The sentence forms in the mind, and with it the thought that there would be a good place to end: he belongs to both.
Stunned, she signed all the admitting forms and let the residents go ahead with what they said had to be done.
As the brain forms, starting in the early embryo, neurons that fire together wire together.
The soup's fundamental particles combined into ever-more-complex forms as the universe cooled and expanded.
Cultural forms likely marched with confederacies and were driven forward by warlords.
Eventually, it could even eliminate the need for some forms of heart surgery.
The simplest wave forms are those that do not interfere with other waves.
These simplest wave forms hold their shape as they propagate.
The plane was loaded with instruments for studying how ice forms in clouds.
Every now and again the wind patterns change, and white ammonia ice forms above the belt, hiding it.
So ice preferentially forms over the convex areas, making them bigger.
The translucent forms represent the left half of the brain.
Most also specialize in other forms of water treatment, such as wastewater treatment or water purification.
The process forms rod-shaped particles of lithium iron phosphate.
The way researchers made new magnets in the past was to crystallize alloys and look for new forms with better properties.
That's a fascinating result because it reveals how complexity in nature forms with the simplest of inputs.
If you drain the battery completely, many forms of batteries are irreversibly destroyed.
Adding spatial data to the information that apps already gather will allow for new forms of data mining.
As more binding molecules grab on to more modified insulin, a network forms that holds the insulin in place.
They do this because nitrogen forms smaller bubbles giving the drink a smoother, creamier mouth feel.
The liquid is spun to create a vortex inside the sphere that forms a vertical cavity in the middle.
News organizations are increasingly turning to new ways of presenting their content, including through enhanced forms of search.
Dissolved in the ocean, it forms carbonic acid which dissolved the calcium shells of oxygen producing phytoplankton.
Early computer mouses came in a variety of shapes and forms, many of which would be almost unrecognizable today.
Survival rates in rare forms of cancer aren't budging much, either.
Its rim, moving faster than sound, forms a cutting edge of compressed air much sharper than a razor.
Contagious yawning forms a physical basis for empathy.
The committeemen put down their racing forms and clapped.
When it occurred, however, that brain activity was linked to activity in other parts of the brain that forms memories.
They mean only those forms of wealth that can be used more or less directly to buy things.
Libraries exist to get books to readers-books and other forms of knowledge and entertainment, provided for free.
Other forms of physical activity have also been found to increase stability, experts say.
He or she will examine the skin scraping under a microscope to look for yeast forms typical of tinea versicolor.
Understand if those must be submitted on forms, or if they may be traditional letters.
Specialized forms of colonic irrigation might be used before bowel surgery.
Forms downloaded and printed from this page may be used to file taxes unless otherwise specified.
Forms that are blurred or illegible will not be accepted.
The following forms are available for downloading from our website.

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