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Example sentences for formerly

The plough was heavier than the tools formerly used by farmers.
Formerly a greenhouse, enjoy the sun-drenched promenade.
Formerly approved drug imparts lasting learning and memory improvements to impaired mice.
Mixed-income residential towers and adjoining parkland rise on land formerly occupied by railroad yards.
Lands that were formerly separated by water were now connected.
The formerly dark, musty building became light-filled and bright.
Now another formerly obscure process known as autophagy is suddenly claiming extraordinary scientific attention.
Formerly a clothing designer, she divides her time between teaching art and painting.
Old thoroughfares have been broadened and new ones have been cut through what formerly were slums.
In this new climate, museums are examining subjects formerly forbidden.
For less grand hostelries, it is a neat way to fill a formerly dead zone in midafternoon.
Without it, water leaches away nutrients formerly stored in the litter.
Interesting article, but bad choice of words to illustrate the regularization of formerly irregular words.
Increasingly, tourists and adventure seekers have become the payload for scenic rides along formerly industrial tracks.
The cot where research subjects slept was pitched under a metal hood formerly used to suck out noxious lab fumes.
The knee-joint was formerly described as a ginglymus or hinge-joint, but is really of a much more complicated character.
Formerly there were many churches in that city dedicated under the invocation of these two holy martyrs.
Based on these patterns, the researchers were able to accurately predict the neural signature of formerly untested scents.
Cedar trees have begun making toxins to protect themselves from being eaten by deer now roaming in their formerly benign habitats.
And a formerly hirsute friend is now completely bald.
Instead of spreading freedom and openness, all kinds of restrictions and censorship could spread to formerly free communities.
Formerly an art movement, no longer distinguishable from everyday life.
These were formerly run almost exclusively by nonprofit and public agencies.
It is as though taste, formerly in the eye of the beholder, had been built directly into the table itself.
Brock, who formerly was a right-wing operative before switching sides, may have been uniquely qualified for this task.
We happily eat chicken nuggets, willfully forgetting that they are a meat product derived from formerly living birds.
Formerly a research lab, this lodge is now available to anyone wanting to live out their underwater fantasy.
The formerly-presumptive frontrunner who has somehow frittered away his status.
Plus ecological shifts with potential outbreaks of pests and diseases that were formerly less of a problem.
The research car was formerly a wholly computer-controlled car, but was re-engineered to be thought-powered.
He returned to the campaign with his formerly handsome face horribly ravaged by severe acne and scar tissue.
Formerly they showered cookie crumbs upon the happy ant recipients, but too many ants spoil the picnic, and this is too many ants.
Those who had been formerly protected by the autonomy of the movement lost their jobs or were imprisoned.
At that time, the show's formerly low bar seemed on the ascent, not in the precipitous decline we've since witnessed.

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