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Rough, board-formed concrete echoes the wood used throughout the house and provides a foil for the smooth steel edging.
Each bed is edged with overlapping hoops formed from small cuttings of apple, elderberry, and pear trees.
We went to gather mustard seeds one day to make mustard for our one-block feast, but the seed pods hadn't fully formed.
They started grabbing the sunflower heads before the seeds were formed-seeds we've been hoping to press into oil.
The mystery of why galaxies formed early in the history of the universe give birth to more stars than modern ones has been solved.
So, as with any outlawed or heavily regulated resource, a bustling underground trade has formed.
Baryons are particles formed of three quarks, in different configurations.
As the authors point out, the engineered virus boosted a memory that was formed before it was even present.
All blue holes were once sinkholes that formed on land but are now filled with ocean water.
They are formed of simple molecules or individual elements arranged in repeating chains, sheets, or three-dimensional arrays.
The water falls as a result of an edge of a cliff or plateau, or the edge of a hanging valley formed under glacial conditions.
Other bubbles are thought to have formed self-replicating substances by attracting chemicals from around them.
In this lesson, students will learn about how tornadoes are formed and how they are rated according to intensity.
Almost as soon as the supercontinent formed, it started to come undone.
Its crystalline structure formed inside a bubble of volcanic gas as igneous rock cooled.
Hail is formed in storms when raindrops are carried into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere by powerful vertical winds.
Amber is a semiprecious gemstone formed from fossilized tree sap.
They seem to lag in age next to the other stars with which they formed-appearing hotter, and thus younger and bluer.
In his lab and in nature, snow formed at different temperatures produces different types of crystals.
These so-called ice terraces are formed when a glacier suddenly lowers as a result of a surge.
Goldfinches remain in flocks until well past the time when other species have formed pairs and are nesting.
Because spices often came from other lands than the ones in which they were enjoyed, whole mythologies formed around their source.
Peaks formed hundreds of millions of years ago are obliterated in months.
Scientists expect the comet dust to yield clues about how our solar system and planet were formed.
She began moving a ball of dough back and forth between her hands, until she'd formed a large pancake.
Directly below the sidewalk, a volunteer scratches up dirt in a niche formed largely by the bones of dead mammoths.
The brilliant clouds likely formed from the hundreds of tons of water vapor emitted from the shuttle's engine during takeoff.
As the cell structure itself broke down, crystals formed in those spaces as well.
Several of the largest turpentine brokers in the city are said to have formed a combination.
Wombat's mind formed out of the nothingness of the universe and as such it is his own, uniquely formed taking nothing from no one.
The billions of additional stars drastically raise the number of possible planets where life may have formed.
They formed egalitarian societies so as not to have leaders who might sell them out to the state.
Occasionally the results are so compelling that a new discipline is formed.
It is used as the connective tissue, for many the basic webbing upon which all sentences are formed.
Today an increasing number of colleges have formed partnerships with independent providers.
Pay particular attention to informal conversations, and note who is talking to whom and what kinds of alliances are being formed.
The for-profits are deservedly taking a lot of heat because so many were formed for similar reasons.
The primary divisions of the brain are visible, and the optic and auditory vesicles are formed.
Each ganglion is joined by intervening nervous cords to adjacent ganglia so that two chains, the sympathetic trunks, are formed.
About the third month these unite below, and thus a deep groove is formed in which the cartilage is lodged.
Boil first three ingredients until, when tried in cold water, a soft ball may be formed.
The optic chiasma is formed by the meeting and partial decussation of the fibers of the two optic nerves.
Occasionally some of the segments are formed from more than one center, the number and position of which vary.
Boil ingredients together in a smooth granite saucepan until a ball can be formed when mixture is tried in cold water.
Nevertheless, one recognised at a glance that the three fragments formed together a single body.
The bud is formed by two kinds of cells: supporting cells and gustatory cells.
Here, public taste can unhesitatingly be said to have formed a sound judgment.
It is formed by air movements in the tropical and subtropical regions.
Glaciers and ice sheet are formed by snow that piles up over many, many years and doesn't melt because summers aren't warm enough.
It is a coping formed, not of dead stone, but of living vultures.
It then formed a rebel government which fired on, and subsequently, occupied a federal fort.
From the photograph alone it's impossible to tell what the metal fragments might once have formed.
People formed relationships based on family ties, based on proximity, based on debts owed.
The portion of the crater within the landing area has an alluvial fan likely formed by water-carried sediments.
The tang is the lactic acid that's been formed by the breakdown of the milk sugar, lactose.
Sometimes the best food is what you grew up with, what formed your impression of that food in the first place.
We added some milk slowly until the dough formed a ball, then dumped it out onto a floured table.
Add eggs and toss or pulse until eggs are incorporated and a dough is formed.
Students and would-be lawyers formed drinking societies, where they learned the social-and drinking-skills required of gentlemen.
Eager to flex their muscles, the newly formed unions stood their ground.
These rocks are thought to have formed when volcanoes erupted in freezing, pristine conditions a million years or so ago.
The upshot is that the layered rocks do, indeed, seem to have formed underwater.
In each of these cases, the tumour that formed resembled any other tumour that would form in that site.
Industrial clusters have formed in health, transport and green technology.
Systemic councils are being formed all over the place.
As space-time cooled, all manner of particles were formed.
Co-polymers can be formed using two or more different monomers.
It comes from clouds that may be formed by sudden belches of methane gas from the moon's rocky surface.
Hundreds of thousands of possible metal alloy combinations can be formed from a relatively small number of elements.
So, too, moons formed at the same time as their respective planets orbit those planets in the same direction as the planet's spin.
Conventional wisdom holds that the ancient material formed before the birth of our solar system.
Both of them are chimeras, living things that are formed when two or more fertilised eggs fuse together.
Researchers believed that these building blocks might have formed into the first genes.
It goes into demography: how groups are formed, how they compete, how communication evolves.
As the first pieces of matter formed, the charged conditions also created their antimatter counterparts.
When the region cooled back to the superfluid state, tiny vortices formed.
The tough guys got bigger, or the nicer guys always got laid, or the females formed a supportive social structure.
It is also the period that formed him as a politician.
Far from being dryly materialistic, their work illuminates the rich underwater world where character is formed and wisdom grows.
Discusses how asteroids were formed and how elusive they can be to astronomers looking for them.
They formed energy cooperatives and organized seminars on wind power.
Murphy's aesthetic is formed by both rock and dance, genres that don't usually share the same approach to live instrumentation.
In the kitchen, the melting ice of the refrigerator had formed a large pool on the floor.
After that he worked as a mechanic, auto salesman, then formed his own orchestra and toured the country.
Soon the protesters formed human chains to block the six intersections surrounding the building, as police stood by watching.
Soils are formed through a combination of five important factors.
Lava flows and cinders still look as fresh and rugged as the day they formed.
And there you have it, a fully formed cast waiting to be given life.
The two formed a friendship and decided to go into business together.
The biggest reason is that it may give us some insight into how our own solar system formed.
While his busy fingers formed signs, his lips formed words, which he spoke in a low voice.
It mentioned plastics could be formed from this process.
The only wrinkle in their models is the stars from which galaxies are made, which must obviously have formed earlier.
The conical nature of the cavities formed by this material should make it a broad band absorber.
The semiconducting layer in each device is formed from molecules that arrange themselves on the circuit surface.
Stem cell form the base or beginning of all cells they are harboured before any identifiable cells are formed.
For instance, when the cells were combined in a one-to-one ratio, they simply formed pairs.
We may be seeing the long term effects of faulting on the rocks which formed above the structure.
When this sort of wireless link is formed, data can be transmitted at much faster rates.
For direction sensing, the researchers formed a grid of fibers into a sphere.
Researchers then used them to seed tubular scaffolds and implanted the newly formed structure into patients.
The vibrations slowed once a cell nucleus was formed.
It would also mean that possibly trillions of galaxies were already formed and in close proximity to the big bang.
But it is quirky proclivities combined with the sweat that creates the innovations around which successful businesses are formed.
The polymer formed spheres with the drugs trapped within.
In short, he offers us a brief but informative history of how this particular organization was formed.
They formed a wall of sorts, seemingly to corral the marchers in a tightly designated route.
People constantly formed crowds to look at us, but kept their distance and stayed quiet.
In many cases they were taken over by newly formed public corporations at public expense.
One is the popular image that was at one time formed of him in this country.
By working systematically through their holdings, a great collection could be formed.
The police then formed small detachments which continuously swept across the campus, breaking up groups of all sizes.

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