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Example sentences for formalism

Even in offhanded conversation, he sculpts phrases with the elegant formalism of a master coder.
Dogma, rigidly prescribed by tradition, stiffens into formalism.
Examines the physics behind the mathematical formalism of the theory of relativity.
After a while, you realize that the film is a case of ersatz formalism disguising chaos.
The loss-consciousness of these poems changes the meaning of their formalism.
Clearly the presentation here is aimed toward goading people into testing their formalism, and to see if it has any utility.
But one kind of mathematical formalism, called non-Abelian gauge theory, had not yet been tried.
They cannot even be sure that their formalism includes a description of such things as protons and electrons.
That's a clear retreat into formalism, not an exploration of logic.
And such bad anatomy offers no support one way or the other for theories about literary formalism.

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