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Though it is written in prose, it is closer in kind to poetry than to any other form.
The star's outer layers form a kind of nebula around the dying star.
The acids function as a kind of alphabet, spelling out the form and function of the protein.
The edges in each shape must all connect to form a single figure.
Researchers are developing ways to help us distill this information into a useful form.
Freeze part of its heart, and the organ will form anew.
The new memory stores information by rearranging atoms to form stable, and potentially extremely small, memory cells.
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Bacteria can swim and swarm, and left to their own devices on nutritious petri dishes some species will form remarkable patterns.
Mantle tissue that is located under and in contact with the shell secretes proteins and mineral extracellularly to form the shell.
Yet despite years of study, new insight into the creature's unusual form of communication continues to come to light.
These films can readily form a slick on artificial hips, contact lenses and in catheters.
Scientists have long been studying the process of how mammalian stem cells differentiate to form specific types of brain cells.
But an extract of the plant could one day form the basis of cancer treatments.
In fact, it's too high to allow big bubbles to form.
When air cools, the water vapor it holds eventually condenses to form a cloud.
It stood apart form the wave of mining mega-mergers over the past decade or so-except as a potential target.
The malformed protein molecules then tangle up to form amyloid plaques.
In some ways, though, it does not matter whether humanity's evolution was entirely random or was predictable in its general form.
They must be aware that the contents of their nomination form may be released to the public should they win.
One feverishly pitched fit, though, led to this spousal travel notification form.
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It was only a more specialised form of these tastes and tendencies which sprang into being in the sixteenth century.
Not many of this number reveal the intensity of feeling and perfection of form which are essential to the sonnet.
The nerves in the conjunctiva are numerous and form rich plexuses.
It is a long bone, prismatic in form and slightly curved longitudinally.
Further, the corn-spirit in bull form is sometimes believed to be killed at threshing.
Bright green branching trunks eventually form a tree.
Buttery strands of sweetened filo dough stick together and bake crisp in a bowl-shaped form made of foil.
It is not necessary to await receipt of an entry form.
Three varieties of espaliered apples form a living fence along the south side.
In another large bowl, with a mixer on high speed, beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated.
Then reduce heat so bubbles that form on pan bottom only pop to the surface occasionally.
He used a variety of ground covers to form leafy liners for wire basket frames.
Because apricot trees tend to form too dense a canopy, open-center training is usually recommended.
Along with hardy evergreen conifers, tough deciduous trees and shrubs form the garden's backbone.
By hand, pack more of the mixture into the edge form.
Once the flowers have been pollinated, they fade to green, then handsome seed pods form and new bright green leaves emerge.
Spruce and hemlock form a dense green canopy above us.
Allow a few hips to form, completing the flowering cycle and ushering plants into dormancy.
Yet both gardens combine cold-hardy plants to form a seamless brocade around the house.
Bay and rosemary leaves form a wreath that holds its fragrance for more than a week.
Writer combines factual and fictional accounts of letter writing in paragraph form.
To voters who identify strongly with a political party, the undecided voter is almost an alien life form.
For the communication of meaning is, along with the manipulation of form, one of the natural bounds of poetry.
Against the odds, each of these characters is driven by his or her own form of determined optimism.
But over all it's pretty rare in comedy to see anyone addressing the form itself, or to be pretty brazen about being smart.
It contains two hundred and sixty-four items, several of which appear twice, in slightly different form.
Each book began in serialized form in the pages of a newspaper.
We believe that the next step in copying will be made from digital form into physical form.
Please note: this form is intended for letters to the editor only.
My survivor's grief has taken the form of an obsession with our health-care system.
In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
If colluvium stays still long enough, it may form horizons too.
All the requisite materials from which to form an intelligent judgment are now before it.
Obviously the form and style are no longer limited to our own country.
The goal for tenderness is to coat or grease flour proteins so that they cannot join together with water to form tough gluten.
The same people also believe that emotions are a form of reality.
Water droplets from the mesocyclone's moist air form a funnel cloud.
First, you must submit a pre-application form online.
Afghan music is largely in song form, but a significant repertoire of instrumental music also exists.
Watch lightning strike and learn how thunderclouds form in this interactive feature.
Snow-crystal study is of interest to scientists who form crystals in other materials and to the industries that rely on crystals.
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The length of the resulting paper fibers determines which new paper product they can form.
Before receiving an application form, the team leader must submit a pre-application form online.
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But these days, the ancient art is being revitalized by another form of expression: math.
Coming to terms with the singles scene is tough if you cling to the idea of a unified, long-form piece of music-making.
The publicity is forcing artists to think about the form's legal nuances.
When waters are still warm, but morning air is growing frigid, little tornadoes of steam can form on lake surfaces.
Sharing is the mildest form of socialism, but it serves as the foundation for higher levels of communal engagement.
For the rest of us, our uneasy protests against technology almost inevitably take technological form.
Wanting to write about her experiences, she initially set to work on a novel, but was discouraged by the form.
Our research shows that a kernel of that pattern of speaking begins to form in the brain well before actual production of speech.
Pondering the form of future dinosaurs has been a long tradition in paleontology.
Practical exploitation of the genome in the form of new drugs or other disease treatments is still in the future.
These form at the attachments of ligaments or tendons.
Micro-organisms convert it into a harmful form, methylmercury.
Such fractures form only when quartz is subjected to extreme pressures.
During photosynthesis, plants convert solar energy into chemical form.
The secret: a beautiful and elegant form of crystal engineering.
At the end of the last century, a great environmental crisis came from above in the form of acid rain.
Green plants form one branch, and the fungi and animals are farther along on another branch.
The ability to read memories will be only as good as the ability of the brain to form those memories.
Then you have to boot up the genome in a living cell to generate the hardware, the life-form itself.
Their leading theory is that stress has adverse effects on the parts of our brains that help us form and keep memories.
The problem of studying hypertrichosis is that so few people have the genetic form.
Most researchers believe that bone-marrow stem cells prompt new blood vessels-not heart muscle-to form.
Recall that when an egg cooks, its proteins first unwind and then link to form a rigidifying mesh.
If that synthesis is accomplished, it is likely that the uncertainty principle would make it impossible for singularities to form.
Its temperature actually remains a few degrees below freezing, but the pressure on the water allows it to stay in liquid form.
Clouds sometimes form more quickly than the laws of physics seem to allow.
The protons are carried through the membrane to the other compartment, where they are combined with oxygen to form water.
The cells could form three-dimensional structures, a feat rarely achieved with stem cells.
Once inside the brain, the particles link up to form complex scaffolds.
The trick is to make the signals from all the antennas interfere and combine so that they form a narrow beam.
In addition, flexible electronics are limited in the shapes that they can form.
When gas is piped into the water from the bottom, hydrates form on the surface of the gas bubbles.
These guys have created a computer model of the process which has identified the reason why diamond is so reluctant to form.
It turns out that helium condensates have an extraordinary rich behaviour in which various kinds of quasiparticles can form.
Including some stories which have not appeared before in book form.
Print and complete the form, then mail or fax it to the appropriate press.
Really an essay is not the right form in which to speak of it.
University teaching experience and/or creative accomplishments in the form of professional work or research is highly desirable.
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If they decline the vaccine they have to fill out a formal form that says they decline.
But the culture of accountability in academe involves much more than that, and has taken on the form of a movement.
And yes, in the form of consciousness-raising and of direct action.
They form the backbone of academic social-science data collection in our nation.
But it didn't start off that way, and might possibly be worth saving in a modified form.
The great thriller writers use the form to make a portrait of the underbelly of a city or a society.
The fun is imagining what form the filmic disquisition will take.
People are writing about this record as your return to form, and in only five years.
On a winter's day, ground and sky form a monotonous palette of brown and gray.
By submitting this form you agree to testify in court to the facts stated in this complaint.

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