forklift in a sentence

Example sentences for forklift

Sorensen is a licensed truck driver, certified forklift operator and a journeyman painter.
Quite a few are mixing cement and driving forklift trucks on the big infrastructure projects peppered around the region.
On the second day, the biologists tip the head over with a forklift so they can work on the other side.
But a forklift manufacturer that sent people to look at it isn't convinced.
Forklift drivers slid load after load of electrical equipment off semi trucks.
He was a normal, decent guy, driving a forklift in a warehouse.
Before operating a forklift, read and study the operator's manual discussion on controls.
There are several different types of forklift tires, depending on how the forklift is used.
Do not operate a forklift if the light comes on or the gauge indicates an overheated engine.
Do not operate a forklift from which the positioning lock has been removed or is inoperable.
Do not allow the forklift to become low on fuel or run out of fuel.
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