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These powers of body and mind have in the past been strangely wasted, dispersed, or forgotten.
So when other legends are forgotten we'll remember back when things were rotten.
He paints a haunting portrait of a people blown to the winds by a forgotten storm.
Practice too late and you've forgotten the material and have to relearn it.
Administrators are sometimes faulted by their old friends for having forgotten that, after all, they are faculty members.
The pelting of the rain outside can't be heard in the cave of the forgotten tonight.
Some memories, particularly those evoking fear or pain, are best forgotten.
The city remained well preserved largely because it was forgotten.
Yet except for the flags and symbols left from that era, such dreams have been long forgotten.
Mention that every community has places whose significance seems to have been lost or forgotten.
Still, scenes that lack these attributes are not doomed to be forgotten.
It got good reviews but, only a modest success, it was soon forgotten.
They were not glanced at, signed, and then forgotten.
Many of these have become collectible and many have been forgotten.
Something you've forgotten about gets dusted off and trotted out, usually in good company.
Short trips needn't be quickly forgotten travel compromises.
All this long forgotten history be re discovered is fascinating.
Eco-ethics seem to be all but forgotten of late in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar.
The paradox is that financial markets can function again only if this lesson is partly forgotten.
They are learning all sorts of stuff that he had already forgotten.
At parties, they are the ones skulking in back rooms, noses buried in quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore.
It was a forgotten node, one theory ran, set up to serve some function now lost deep in the bureaucracy.
Chileans seem to have forgotten temporarily that their gradualist democracy has real achievements of which they can be proud.
So the fence was taken down and the whole thing quietly forgotten.
After those experiments ended, the beakers were almost forgotten.
He will never be forgotten and through his product his name will live forever.
For those who have a bout with gout, the experience is not easily forgotten.
We have all forgotten to say things in an interview.
Many students have left school for a while and have forgotten many things they no longer use.
Masterpieces from forgotten civilizations are ravaged by time, elements, and human vanity.
They're put back together and then forgotten about until the next emergency.
He got caught only because he'd forgotten to sign another prof's version of the same letter and that prof called the doctor.
Rye whiskey is the world's great forgotten spirit, distinctive, complex and delicious.
His work has raised the visibility of many of the world's forgotten conflicts.
Many frequent fliers say they've been forgotten as airlines have expanded to bank cards, even florists.
The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks.
Around the city, a number of signs detailing long-forgotten street names have been erected.
Such efforts have to struggle with a national idea increasingly dependent on a half-forgotten history.
Most commerce secretaries cannot be forgotten because the public never learned their names in the first place.
Such behaviour was forgotten, he declared, as soon as everyone sat down together at the same table.
So thick is the gloom pervading the rich world that the once-regular emerging-market crises have almost been forgotten.
Hopefully, in the process, past lessons of excessive state control will not be forgotten.
But the episode does serve as a timely reminder of one thing that is sometimes forgotten.
Their sins are now largely forgotten, thanks in part to the intractable controversy over the moral status of embryos.
It's weird the way some prominent people seem to have forgotten about genes.
Yet all the other countless times you have driven through this intersection are long forgotten.
Most knowledge was soon forgotten and had to be rediscovered again and again during the following centuries.
Your writers have forgotten how to investigate facts.
If you come upon something once, it will likely be forgotten.
Some people must have forgotten that, and believed it was their right, and that they own the roads.
Yet even this was so significant of current thought, and helped so greatly to form public opinion, that it must not be forgotten.
The joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits.
In the boyish figure she yearned to see something half forgotten that had once been a part of herself re-created.
In this beneficent work sections and races should be forgotten and partisanship should be unknown.
In mere time he was a lost soul that had strayed by chance to the twentieth century, and forgotten where it came from.
Some practice is required to knead quickly, but the motion once acquired will never be forgotten.
The principal facts, however, are too vivid upon my recollection to be soon forgotten.
Paper gets lost, you might have forgotten to sign and sales reps are often too busy or lazy to file the paperwork.
The words will shimmer on the screen, but the sentences will be quickly forgotten.
The technological lesson that electrical equipment could be disturbed was largely forgotten, though.
Our creative outlets turn to photos and word processors, leaving the pencils and crayons in some forgotten drawer.
But discoveries of huge petroleum deposits kept gasoline and diesel cheap for decades, and biofuels were largely forgotten.
Pause in the forgotten valleys and villages of this mystical land of artists and visionaries.
The park was one of the world's great ecosystems but was destroyed and forgotten.
The second thing you learn dur- ing ocean cruising is that you have forgotten the first thing you learned.
Everyone's forgotten about him for a few seconds, the way it happens sometimes.
The ideals of postwar humanity, however, have not been entirely forgotten.
Two big, macabre, largely forgotten news stories came lurching out of oblivion together this week.
Today, this mostly forgotten act of personal responsibility seems rather heroic.
For that instant they're together, the two of them against the world, the past and their pride forgotten.
On the runway, inspired feats of virtuosity are all too often quickly forgotten by blasé audiences rushing to the next show.
The protesters in the streets have not forgotten them.
He'd forgotten an order, he explained while excusing himself from our table.
Forgotten is the price paid by our wounded warriors.
Forgotten are the families torn apart by lengthy and multiple deployments.
But the rest of society has mostly forgotten the value of poetry.
And this history is systematically forgotten every four years.
Nora never mentioned the letter, as if she'd forgotten all about it.
With so much attention focused on global warming, this chilly prospect has been all but forgotten.
Everybody will have forgotten about their outrage, and learned to live with the hole.
The people who dissented in the history of science, but were overwhelmingly wrong, tend to be forgotten.
Because the scientific community has apparently forgotten.
Three weeks later, they were still wary about the shadows, while normal rats had forgotten about the shocks.
My doctor's office gives my kids a plush animal afterwards and, of course, the pain is quickly forgotten.
They will be hyped on television and soon enough forgotten.
Previous frequency had completely forgotten about us.
She hasn't forgotten who turned out to be right on that one.
Several of the killers, who say they've been left behind and forgotten, apparently expressed these sentiments.
The poor of the world are not so much exploited as neglected and forgotten.
They had entirely forgotten their earlier false belief.
And yet the notion of a vaccine has not been entirely forgotten.
If this co-worker is equally mature, your rocky past will soon be forgotten.
They are all successful now but they have never forgotten where they came from.
Forgotten was the happy camaraderie of stadium ceremony.
At the outset, however, such concerns were forgotten amid a conventioneers' snarl over accommodations.
One of life's great mysteries is why certain experiences get lodged immovably in our memory, while others are forgotten.

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