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It also reminds me gardens can still be affordable if you forgo the outdoor kitchens and all the rest of the bells and whistles.
Or, forgo the networking sites altogether and put up your own site, as the pros do.
Use compost tea to encourage a healthy lawn but don't forgo fertilizers.
And remember to decrease the amount of oil or forgo it completely if you used essential oils instead of whole herbs.
Rarely will you get a heavy downpour, which is why many locals opt to forgo the umbrella and wear a hooded rain jacket instead.
Members forgo two meals a month, donating the money to the sect's peace fund.
High-school and college teachers always entreat their charges to forgo the cramming.
It's good for the utilities because they get to forgo having to raise the huge capital needed for new power plants.
No one should have to choose to forgo a family to pursue a career.
Any witnesses, including victims, who in- tended to testifY during this phase would forgo watching any other portion.
Poor and middle-income people would be forced to reduce their consumption of health services or forgo other expenditures.
Some summer camps require children to forgo electronic communication and send handwritten letters home instead.
Unlike their betters, these books forgo playful speculation about how the present might be different.
Many people forgo these kitchen tasks entirely in favor of plucking jars off store shelves.
In this case, people forgo energy consumption in order to consume the concept of being greener than their neighbors.
However, vacationers may forgo a booking fee if they book their tour online.
He offers a movie to anyone willing to forgo the dance.
They believe that no family should forgo on-line protection because of economic reasons.
To go with this flow, you may have to forgo underwriting your next four start-ups.
Ideally, copyright owners would happily forgo a little profit for the benefit of a low-friction information economy.
Your readers will probably be willing to forgo the historical and chemical details.
Clear lines, reasonable and clear demands, etc only work if you're willing to forgo the entire relationship with her.
On what planet do you forgo responsibility to moving to an education system designed with ranking first and teaching second.
What about the poor guy that got the new car for his kids to ride safe in but had to forgo the expensive education.
The winning partner will forgo the lab's shaker flasks and hot plates in favor of giant vats.
Individuals forgo breeding for large portions of their lives and instead help someone else raise kids.
No, he is telling people to forgo proven life-saving treatments.
They worry that the claims about the dangers of vaccines could cause some people to forgo vaccines that prevent illness.
They generally bet that firms will succeed, though investors might forgo some return to hedge their risk.
It has become almost fashionable these days for bosses to forgo their basic pay.
Better to forgo profit today than take it and alienate a client that might produce a lot more business over the long haul.
But they also bounce back early-no manager wants to forgo sales because his shelves are empty.
And you have to forgo that comforting extra scoop of ice-cream.
Crucially, it did not admit any wrongdoing nor say what tactics it would henceforth forgo.
He reckons that the recession may make education more attractive for students who might normally forgo post-secondary education.
As it is, his belated decision to forgo his bonus looks grudging rather than generous.
Or employees of a start-up who forgo pay to stave off bankruptcy.
Life is full of choices, and to choose one thing is to forgo another.
Or were willing to forgo operating loss protections.
But both contain high-end features that mainstream users will happily forgo in favour of rock-bottom pricing.
She is lured back by a technology she finds too seductive to forgo.
Then the only alternative to a station-house lawyer is simply for the police to forgo interrogation.
They could work more and earn more, or they could forgo the extra wages and enjoy more free time instead.
There are enough votes to repeal it, right now, but senators don't want to forgo debate on other amendments.
They can forgo synthetic fabrics by making or purchasing garments of organic cotton and wool.
In today's world, asking the average college student to forgo all those things is unrealistic, if not impossible.
The act allows community college districts to forgo elections for board of trustees if there is only one candidate.
Remember, you can forgo a mailed newsletter and instead opt to receive it by email.
Some people forgo vacations and eating out, and don't make unnecessary purchases.
Even if one country decided to forgo the next technological revolution, another country would gladly take it up.
Sentenced to one year in prison, the couple was told they could forgo the punishment if they left the state and did not return.
Later on, when children misbehave, indulgent parents make excuses and forgo punishments.

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