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Example sentences for forgettable

Cafeteria cuisine can be forgettable-but the people you dine with can make lunchtime a savory experience.
All the buildings are impersonal-the window washers have made them sparkle, but they are identical and forgettable.
In fact, you can use your second account to link all your tertiary friends in one forgettable place.
The incident was so forgettable that you forgot about it.
Modern poetry is simply disconnected prose, and as such is completely forgettable.
As far as the rest of the acting in this film, it is soulless and as forgettable as the dialogue is bad.
Too many chief executives are instantly forgettable.
The dessert options were a trio of local cheeses and a forgettable pear upside-down cake.
Brady tossed off printable, forgettable sentences with professional ease.
Probably because the wine was, or had become, forgettable.
The gesture is so small, so prosaic that it should be utterly forgettable.
It was forgettable but better than the alternative as he grinds his way back into relevance.
Suddenly those forgettable items become unforgettable.
The language, with a few exceptions, is forgettable.
But the speech was utterly forgettable-and forgotten.
While his writing may have had a bland, forgettable quality, the name certainly stuck with you.
The parking garage, often considered a dull and forgettable structure, is a crucial element of building design and urban planning.
Although small, forgettable and often invisible, snails and mussels are animals whose necessity is well and truly understood.
While those votes are sometimes forgettable, occasionally they are not.
Most of the others have been frustrated or forgettable.

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Carnal knowledge is as forgettable as the other kinds.... more
Prerequisite for rereadability in books: that they be forgettable.... more
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