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They forge new combinations almost as neurons form synapses to create new thoughts.
In the forge's dust and cinders, in the tissues of the loom.
But money could become much harder to forge-thanks to butterfly wings.
They are able to provide comfort and guidance when their children encounter stress, and help them forge appropriate responses.
In the human race, there is no evidence that there is a genetic link, despite attempts to forge such a link.
For example what you need to succeed is not the vision to see new and exciting things and to forge new paths.
He was ahead of his time, actively working to forge harmony between mankind and nature.
Along with exhibits on forge history in the old blast furnace, an interpretive path guides you around the site.
But future surface-mining and deep-mining operations on the mountain may hinder the towns' efforts to forge a new economic future.
At such times, boosting news may seem the cheapest way to forge ahead.
To forge a warm bond with a work of art in such a setting takes forceful concentration.
Because somebody's a painter, therefore he can forge.
Of course, they also need to get their policies right and forge a consensus-a difficult trifecta.
In the end, it took eight years to forge an agreement.
For anyone else, trying to forge a peace between these combatants would have been a fool's errand.
Add to that games' remarkable ability to forge otherwise distant connections.
High on the agenda will be the need to forge a new and potentially far-reaching defence relationship.
He wanted to forge more intimate relations with fewer companies.
More thoughtful voices propose more constructive ways to forge a new sense of purpose.
It gives them flexibility in policymaking and makes it easier for them to forge compromises between factions.
Slow progress has helped push many to forge bilateral or regional deals instead.
Government and industry must balance these realities as health technologies forge forwards into the digital age.

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