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Example sentences for forfeit

They're shadowy figures, so well defended that they nearly forfeit our sympathy.
There were others, it is true, when she dreaded any explanation which would compel her to forfeit her displeasure.
Some people manage to forfeit the right to be taken seriously or treated politely.
Some worry that, having made big losses, some managers may have lost a bit of nerve-and will forfeit gains if markets rebound.
Were they expelled, they would have to forfeit their degrees, with grave implications for their professional futures.
Essentially because if you don't you will forfeit them.
If you don't and those group carry out violence, then expect that sovereignty to be forfeit.
Some bottles are attractive enough to forfeit the return deposit.
And no rock film with a claim to authenticity could afford to forfeit its grainy realism.
The latter is the cheaper and speedier of the two, but it requires a bank to forfeit its right to hound the former owner.
If not, claim the paladins of privacy, freedom itself will surely be forfeit.
By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little you gain the great.
We often hear that the transgressions of felons are so severe that they forfeit the moral right to vote.
Athletes testing positive will forfeit one year of eligibility.
If testing is being conducted, you are expected to appear for the scheduled test or you will forfeit the testing fee.
Vendors who misrepresent themselves or products for the purpose of securing booth space will forfeit participation.
They must also forfeit their campaign funds to the state.

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