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In a sense, we've been using genetics to foretell disease risk forever.
Those pictures foretell the main directions the recording industry would take throughout the first half of the twentieth century.
They claim that they can contact the dead and foretell somebody's future.
We can't foretell where the next big breakthroughs will happen.
They should have something to foretell market players, and try to avoid such abrupt reactions.
Yet the bare figures do not, on the face of things, foretell anything so drastic.
It is impossible to foretell whether any of the above achievements will turn out to be world-changing.
Ours is not the first age to believe it could foretell the future.
His power to foretell events seems to have been believed in both by himself and by his parishioners.
Whether or not it will be permanent is difficult to foretell.
It's interesting that you can almost foretell its future.
The youngest and oldest populations foretell the future.
The following examples do not foretell any particular result in your case and are presented for their illustrative value only.
The health and survivability of plants and animals can often foretell future environmental threats to human life and health.
Dark, threatening clouds usually foretell the approach of severe weather.

Famous quotes containing the word foretell

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